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Come Shop With Me: Online Beauty Finds on

I first became BeautyMNL‘s customer when I began to build my skincare routine following the Korean 10-steps. At the time, there weren’t a lot being sold in local shops and Korean skincare was just starting to gain popularity. Here in the Philippines, anyway. I fell in love with their shop because I never thought a legit beauty one-stop shop carrying many brands existed. Zalora was my go-to for clothes but they barely carry any make up or skincare brands. A…

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The Last of Summer Stripes

Rainy days are upon us once again but I’m not ready to say bye to my summer wardrobe just yet. Blue summer stripes and green prints were massive this summer of ’17 and truly enough it became my anthem, as well. You’ve seen this color palette and texture combination before on my first summer post: Botanical Stripes, that’s why it’s rather familiar. As with most adults (ugh), I try to save as much as I can for future expenses or travels.…

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Doubly Chic In Double Denim

This has got to be my favorite denim on denim style post to date. I've struggled to choose the feel and vibe that I want to convey as it's, surprisingly, the most flexible denim ensemble amongst the 3 I've styled for The Metro Stores. It's been raining for days and it subconsciously affected my mood then my style. Burgundy is a no-brainer for autumn or cold weather, it's also a go-to for class and sophistication and I thought, it'd be…

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Throwback Fun With Denim Dungarees

As vintage fashion gets the spotlight more and more these days, from bright color palettes to high street statements, it's fun to be reminded of the silly pieces, too. When dungarees became on trend again, nostalgia and many childhood memories came over me. Of playgrounds and zoo trips, dungarees were my jam back in the day. Albeit surprising since, much like rompers, it can be hassle for diaper changes. What were you thinking, mom? But I digress.…

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Elevate Your Work Wear With Denim on Denim

If your name isn’t Britney or Justin, then you probably don’t sport denim on denim too often. As I’ve said, denim is easy to style, but to wear multiple denims in an outfit? It can go terribly wrong easily. I think it was invented to be a fail-safe pair with anything but! However, there are a few ways to make one wear denim on denim without cringing next week!…

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Playful Pastels At Night

As you may have read in my post on 6 fashion trends to try this year, you’ll know how I’m head over heels with layered ruffles, nowadays. I was going to attend our welcome dinner, for Global Wellness Day with Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa, with the dress I wore to the Dubai desert, but as destiny would have it, this skirt caught my eye and heart and, well, eventually, my money, too. Haha! I came up with multiple ways…

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