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What I Wore In August ’17: Sartorial Statements

As you may have (or haven’t, maybe you have better things to do, lol) noticed, I was MIA for the month of August. I barely blogged and my social media updates were way less than usual. Reason being the boyfriend came home to visit, yay! And with that, I got to drive them around town wearing sometimes-ridiculous, often-wearable outfits. I thought I’d compile them and show you some of my favorites. Here are my favorite sartorial statements for the month…

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Fiddler Hats For Fall

I’ve been obsessing over baker boy and fiddler hats since Spring ’17 but I just couldn’t find any within my reach. Not until I found them on Zaful! Ironically, after ordering it online, I found one in a local shop. Thankfully, it wasn’t as pretty as this piece, so my heart wasn’t broken. Then, A/W collection came, and sure enough it’s one of H&M’s key pieces. One of blogger life’s conundrum, especially here in the Philippines, is that trends seem…

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Skin Care Haul from BeautyMNL and First Impressions

In case you missed it, I did a come shop with me with BeautyMNL a couple of weeks ago. And I can finally do a first impressions for most of the products I ordered! Without further ado, here are the skin care finds from BeautyMNL (and a couple for hair and beauty). Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser I can finally bin my current cleanser which smells like blood and rust. A definite step up, I’ve loved this cleanser since first…

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Come Shop With Me: Online Beauty Finds on

I first became BeautyMNL‘s customer when I began to build my skincare routine following the Korean 10-steps. At the time, there weren’t a lot being sold in local shops and Korean skincare was just starting to gain popularity. Here in the Philippines, anyway. I fell in love with their shop because I never thought a legit beauty one-stop shop carrying many brands existed. Zalora was my go-to for clothes but they barely carry any make up or skincare brands. A…

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The Last of Summer Stripes

Rainy days are upon us once again but I’m not ready to say bye to my summer wardrobe just yet. Blue summer stripes and green prints were massive this summer of ’17 and truly enough it became my anthem, as well. You’ve seen this color palette and texture combination before on my first summer post: Botanical Stripes, that’s why it’s rather familiar. As with most adults (ugh), I try to save as much as I can for future expenses or travels.…

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Doubly Chic In Double Denim

This has got to be my favorite denim on denim style post to date. I've struggled to choose the feel and vibe that I want to convey as it's, surprisingly, the most flexible denim ensemble amongst the 3 I've styled for The Metro Stores. It's been raining for days and it subconsciously affected my mood then my style. Burgundy is a no-brainer for autumn or cold weather, it's also a go-to for class and sophistication and I thought, it'd be…

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