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Where To Go, What To Eat in Lourdes, France

Despite having only a 40km square area and a population of around 15 000, Lourdes is the second highly-visited city in France after Paris. In fact, among French cities, only Paris has more hotel capacity. Famous for its Marian apparitions in 1858 to a village girl named Bernadette, Lourdes is also the 3rd most important site of Catholic pilgrimages following Rome and the Holy Land, respectively. Lourdes reminds me of the little French town Belle sings about, but of course, sans…

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Where To Go, What To Do: 4 Days in Taiwan

You can read all of my Taiwan posts under this category, but I’ve also made this easy travel guide for you which is a compilation of everything we did and how we did it. Each of the attraction is linked to their respective posts, where an in-depth experience is written for you and a How To Get There at the bottom. The itinerary below is already arranged on how near and convenient each of the spot is to the preceding and…

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London in 12 Hours, An Itinerary

Just like Tokyo, New York, Singapore, Dubai and Paris, London always seemed out of reach for me. It seemed to be fictional, existing only in books and movies. I’ve always had the impression that these places are where dreams are made of. That these places shine the brightest from space. Imagine, being given the chance to visit it twice. My first love story in London lasted for less than 24 hours only. It was back in 2013 when it welcomed…

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The Must-Visits of Bohol, All in One Day

Back in April this year, I got to visit Bohol again. I’ve luckily been a few times and it’s a place you don’t get enough of. I think, Bohol is one of the quick getaways Cebuanos choose, if they aren’t going up north or down south for some good beach escapades. Floating Restaurant and Ati Tribe The restaurant is ‘floating’ because you get to eat while cruising through the Loboc River. How clean and green the river is, is purely amazing.…

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Of Trains and Buses: How To Navigate Around Taipei, Taiwan

It didn’t start great when we arrived in Tao Yuan International Airport around midnight of the same day. The car service that we booked to fetch us didn’t show up. We were all tired and it was almost 3 in the morning so we didn’t have the energy to get mad or stressed. Instead, we took a taxi straight to our hotel in Ximending which is in Taipei – around an hour drive away from the airport.  I, for one,…

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How To Survive: Singapore

It is always scary to go on adventure in an unfamiliar place. The differences in culture, transportation, language, food or even how not to eat a gum will inevitably cause stress to most, if not all, of us. This will be quite different from Great Britain as this will mainly focus on cramming all tourist visits in a mere ¾-day vacation. I’ve mentioned from my previous posts that we also visited Malaysia, however, I don’t want to label this post as Singapore…

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