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National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine, Taipei

Almost a year ago, I went to Taiwan with my friends. Then it became too rainy for my Summer posts, so I ‘paused’. Then I unexpectedly travelled to the UK and the rest was forgotten history. But I’m back, and we’re gonna finish Day 3 and Day 4 of my Taiwan trip, together!     National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine is one of the most famous historical spots in Taipei. Similar to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, the Martyrs’ Shrine is massive and…

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Of Ears and Pouches

I know, I know! We are all melting right now, the last thing we’d wear is a bomber jacket on top of a turtleneck. But imagine… You wake up to a 10-degree Celsius weather. It’s drizzling outside and you can hear the rustle of the leaves. From your window, the sight of people go about their day, with their brows furrowed and rushed steps. A cute little boy keeps rubbing his cheeks as his mum tries to fix the umbrella…

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