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Sweets Overload at The Dessert Museum

Sweets Overload at the Dessert Museum

In this era, when social media is king, restaurants and tourist spots alike not only have to be good at what they primarily offer but also be as pretty as they can be for the ‘gram. The Dessert Museum is one of the best examples of a place conceptualized to cater every ‘gram-holic needs. For Php 699 per person, you get to tour the museum for 2 hours. 8 rooms with a dessert offering per room and historical facts relating…

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Falling In Love On A Cliff at Amorita Resort, Bohol

I’ve edited the photos and been dreaming about Amorita for quite some time now. But again and again, words have failed me. As you may have noticed, I barely published content the past few months. I’m still trying to get my mojo back, which hopefully comes back soon as I believe it will. Exciting things will happen next week and I won’t hold back sharing it to you, that’s for sure! I planned this day to be shoot day but…

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Friday Nights are Grill Nights at Saffron in Amorita Resort, Bohol

We have a quick one today! I know I’ve been silent across the social media platforms lately as I’ve been out and about around Cebu. However, we’re throwing it back to Bohol today. We’ve talked about Momo Beach House’s magic and the delightful Spanish feast we had in Tomar. Tonight, we’re going grill nights at Saffron. After Tomar, we were able to roam around the resort and burn the food away. Just enough for us to be stomach-ready for a…

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Wine & Dine Like El Español at Tomar Tapas x Bar in Amorita Resort, Bohol

After a magical overnight stay in Momo Beach House, we were transported to Amorita Resort in Panglao. But before I give you the 411’s of their infinity pools and a secret cove, let me briefly take you to Spain. Tomar Tapas x Bar is one of Amorita Resort’s restaurant, where you’ll feast on comida Española. Croquetas y Paella, Amores De Mi Vida We started our lunch with a variety of appetizers, from pinchos platter, to croquetas and chorizo al vino.…

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Bohol’s Momo Beach House, The Paradise Less Traveled

I do not like sea travel. I, who has lived on an island for 2 decades, who would get out of the sea last and unwillingly during beach trips, get too anxious when I have to travel by sea. My inability to swim, the odd smell of boat gasoline and how I’d feel mildly claustrophobic are primary culprits. When I first said yes to my first ever blog trip out of Cebu, I was beyond ecstatic and grateful. Finally! My…

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Staycation in the Sky at The Mactan Newtown

Labor long weekend was fast approaching and I was itching to have a mini-vacation for fear of missing out on summer completely, yet again. I’m not big on road trips (so much anxiety build up) or ship rides (I cannot swim, for the life of me, if things go south, also, ship gasoline smells so bad, don’t you think?), we do not have trains and plane tickets are too expensive for an overnight vacation. Thankfully, millennials invented (ha!) staycations, so I thought,…

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