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5 Color Trends To Wear This A/W 2017

A little bit late as it’s already halfway through October but don’t worry, some of these color trends will carry on to the new year. It won’t hurt to invest if you’re wanting to add some goodies to your wardrobe! I went ahead and looked through Zaful to give you a preview of this A/W 2017 season’s color trends. Burgundy A no-brainer when autumn is mentioned is the color burgundy. Burgundy lips and burgundy everything is always a hit during this…

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5 New Eats To Try At Gibbs’ Hot Wings

Some of my Cebu Fashion Bloggers girl friends and I got to try the newest additions to Gibbs’ Hot Wings already-exciting menu. To start off their month-long celebration of their anniversary, here are 5 new eats that are here to stay. Juicy Lucy Burger Steak Gibbs’ own-made tender beef patties has a cheesy surprise at the center, literally! Gooey cheese which compliments the juiciness of the patties and their homemade mushroom gravy. The patty sits on top of, now my…

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Fiddler Hats For Fall

I’ve been obsessing over baker boy and fiddler hats since Spring ’17 but I just couldn’t find any within my reach. Not until I found them on Zaful! Ironically, after ordering it online, I found one in a local shop. Thankfully, it wasn’t as pretty as this piece, so my heart wasn’t broken. Then, A/W collection came, and sure enough it’s one of H&M’s key pieces. One of blogger life’s conundrum, especially here in the Philippines, is that trends seem…

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Get Intimate With Wacoal In SM Seaside, Cebu

Wacoal, a name that has been revered by the ladies in my household since I was a kid, has finally come to Cebu. Wacoal undergarments are always reserved for special occasions and carefully taken cared of. So it was a nice surprise to be invited to their first boutique in Cebu and I couldn’t help but share the experience with my Mama.  Privacy and Personalized Service A spacious boutique where you can get all the privacy you need as you…

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Skin Care Haul from BeautyMNL and First Impressions

In case you missed it, I did a come shop with me with BeautyMNL a couple of weeks ago. And I can finally do a first impressions for most of the products I ordered! Without further ado, here are the skin care finds from BeautyMNL (and a couple for hair and beauty). Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser I can finally bin my current cleanser which smells like blood and rust. A definite step up, I’ve loved this cleanser since first…

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Friday Nights are Grill Nights at Saffron in Amorita Resort, Bohol

We have a quick one today! I know I’ve been silent across the social media platforms lately as I’ve been out and about around Cebu. However, we’re throwing it back to Bohol today. We’ve talked about Momo Beach House’s magic and the delightful Spanish feast we had in Tomar. Tonight, we’re going grill nights at Saffron. After Tomar, we were able to roam around the resort and burn the food away. Just enough for us to be stomach-ready for a…

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