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The Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales

A view of Llandudno’s The Promenade and its surrounding area. My feed is very summery right now and I thought I’d insert this gloriously sunny day we spent in North Wales. The boyfriend, his parents and I drove to Conwy and Llandudno spontaneously on a Saturday. Aside from Lourdes and London, all other weekends I had was loosely scheduled, hence, being able to just “spontaneously” go .Coming from an archipelago, I loved the fact that UK is mostly just one big island and…

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Flares and Florals

This is what I wore to our recent staycation in Mactan Newtown. Just a quick ensemble to throw on as a bikini cover up. Surprisingly, this is my first summer post with something floral. As you may know, it’s my go-to print. Whenever I shop, it’s usually the florals that entices me and breaks my bank. This top, I got from one of Forever 21’s buy 1 take 1 sales. I, almost always, make sure that what I’m taking is equal…

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Have Wine and Dine at The Pyramid

So much hype went around Cebu when renders of this establishment went viral on Facebook. However, it wasn’t obvious what it’s going to be at the time, people just knew it will be in IT Park and it will be an exciting structure to visit. I, even, remember hearing stories that it will be a chapel, because it actually looks pristine and perfect for weddings. A few weeks ago, it finally became clear what it’s going to be when the…

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What to Eat at Mactan Alfresco

Al fresco or in the open air, Mactan Alfresco is the outdoor dining experience at Mactan Newtown. Polygon-shaped with restaurant counters in a circle formation, you may have lechon, mexican food, sandwiches or your favorite Filipino dishes in one sitting. I managed to visit Mactan Alfresco during our staycation in Mactan Newtown which you can read up here. This one’s a quick preview of what to expect and what you might want to have during your staycation. Mactan Alfresco is…

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Staycation in the Sky at The Mactan Newtown

Labor long weekend was fast approaching and I was itching to have a mini-vacation for fear of missing out on summer completely, yet again. I’m not big on road trips (so much anxiety build up) or ship rides (I cannot swim, for the life of me, if things go south, also, ship gasoline smells so bad, don’t you think?), we do not have trains and plane tickets are too expensive for an overnight vacation. Thankfully, millennials invented (ha!) staycations, so I thought,…

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Sunset Kiss

Orange is a color I never thought I’d like. It is intimidating, and for years, I was taught morenas can never wear bright colors as it would make us darker. As you may know, dark skin isn’t embraced well in this country, glutathione and whitening products take most of the shelves in the skincare section, until only recently. I’ve seen quite a few products celebrating all kinds of skin complexion. With that, I also started embracing my skin and started donning what…

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