About Me, The Lengthy Version

Once upon a time, a girl graduated from a university, feeling happy and ready to take on the real world. Little did she know, she’ll have no more curriculum, no syllabus and no more paths to follow. Existential crisis hit her as swift as a coursing river, with a force of a great typhoon and the strength of a raging fire. MYSTERIOUS AS THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOOOON. Ehem. Where are we. Who am I. Why am I who I am.

Aside from questioning her existence, she also gets distracted pretty easily.

One day, she was sent to travel the Scottish highlands. Her eyes sparkled, her face no longer drained of color, her thirst for life renewed! She went on these incredible adventures, seeing new faces, experiencing new cultures, eating new delicacies and riding old trains! She came back home and decided it would be joyful to write all about her escapades and share it to those interested. She found a new exciting path to follow! A year later, her first post would be about traveling to Scottish highlands.

*disk scratch*

Okay. Back to regular story-telling.

Hi! I’m Ronah, Ron for short. I’m in my mid-20’s, a software engineer.

Rose Et Bourgogne

My love for stories dates back to the 90’s. I had this big book of fairy tales, probably 30 of them in it, and these fairy tales are stories I haven’t heard of yet. If a story resembled anything among the famous ones (Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, Aladdin, etc), it would have a twist or written differently. For a long time, it was all I read. Fast forward to high school, I discovered the school library, Nancy Drew and Harry Potter. Since then, I’ve always tried to finish a book in a week or even, a day. This obsession with reading stories carried on to writing one. I started with poems (that are probably too cringe-y to remember) then stories of my own. I remember writing, on this unknown blogging platform, about someone fainting during Sunday mass and the ‘learnings’ from that experience. I know! What a dork.

Man, even when I was in my teens, I was already an over thinker. What curse, what blessing!

College came and I barely wrote, barely read for the fun of it. It was mostly reaction papers or codes I was writing. Until we finished our thesis, I decided to blog again. On Tumblr this time. I discovered this whole new universe of bloggers and how they actually have a following. That piqued my interest. Then, the story above happened.

With a meek salary to jumpstart my new found hobby, I bought my domain, a hosting plan and I started this blog.

Why ‘Ron Does Things’?

It started negatively. I’ve been an academic achiever since I started school. I also like being creative so I do participate in non-academic activities. Dancing, singing, modeling, pageants, photography, what-have-you. And then one day, someone ‘insulted’ me for being ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, because I, Ron, apparently, can do everything but only just. Anyhow, years and years later, I decided that there’s nothing wrong with being Jack aside from not finding another door to save his life or share with Rose. Light bulb moment! I can do things, and I can be above average with most, maybe not an expert in anything, but hey! It’s nice to be always learning, eh? So there, Ron Does Things because Ron Does Things Averagely is too long, haha.

 PS. Thank you to the lovely Louise of Hika for making my ideas and ugly drafts into a pretty reality that is my logo. I can now charge 10,000 per feature post because this is *official*. I kid. SQUEE. I have a logo, you guys!

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