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A Love Letter For Our Wedding Suppliers

A Love Letter For Our Wedding Suppliers

You think you’re going to get just 1 wedding blog? I’m queueing a hundred! Kidding. In case you missed it, I married my 5th grade crush. I recounted our love story and I thought to share with you the people, our wedding suppliers, who made that day perfect.

You expect the love from your family and friends. You expect their support, happiness, and well wishes for you. And we are infinitely grateful for that. What we didn’t expect and what blew us away on our day was how much love, support, and happiness we’ve received from our wedding suppliers. These are the people whom we haven’t known for a long time. But when we entrusted them to provide for on one of the most important day of our lives, they stepped up to that responsibility and more.

The thing is, you will most likely spend more time with them than your guests. From the wee hours of prep to the last minutes of egress, they’re the ones who will be with you from start to finish. And we just can’t thank them enough for letting us celebrate and savour every hour of the day. Paul and I had nothing— no worries, no doubts but bliss. Thank you so, so much to each and every single person that’s contributed in one way or another to our wedding day.

Oakridge Horizons

I first scouted for our reception venue back in February 2018. We probably said “Okay, we’re finally going to go for _____?” twice or thrice before I visited Oakridge Horizons. I didn’t hear about this second venue Oakridge has until last year. I’ve been to many events in Oakridge and it’s always been the Pavilion. The thing is, we wanted a venue with a view. A venue that feels spacious but intimate. A venue that’s just a venue, and not a hotel nor a restaurant (because cost-effective). Horizons hit those requirements and we never looked back. Thank you to everyone at Oakridge and Ms. Jam for being so welcoming and gracious in hosting our wedding.

Kakanin by Mary Ty

I’m sentimental and I’d say a lot of our wedding details had thoughtful meanings behind them. One of which is our cocktail food. I gave Paul two choices, the cheese, fruit, and wine spread or traditional Filipino food and desserts. Glad he picked the latter because since we didn’t go for a Filipiniana theme, I wanted a touch of Filipino tradition in our wedding. We heard nothing but compliments from our guests as to how delicious the kakanin spread was. Paul and I had some to ourselves and truly, the cuchinta and biko alone made us all smiley in the holding room (where they were hiding us before reception). 

Photos by Jean Yu

Kakanin on Facebook

Creative Cuisine

Creative Cuisine was a no-brainer for me. I’ve already chosen it before we knew we were getting married. Haha! Thankfully, Paul had nothing but praise when we had our food tasting with them. The service you get from event start to finish is just impeccable. We purposely paid for more food than the actual guest count but it would’ve been enough still if we hadn’t. They’ve made us happy with the food and they’ve made us giddy (tipsy? haha) with how well they managed our DIY liquor bar. To the cooks and servers, thank you! 

Alvin Asayas Photography & Team Panda Films

Given how much the wedding industry in Cebu has grown, your wedding supplier choices are limitless. It took us months upon months to finally settle for our photo and video team because there are too many good ones out there. With that said, I still booked Alvin more than a year before our wedding. Haha! So imagine how long we’ve planned this one day for. But I digress.

These two are some of the most popular wedding media teams in town. I’ve seen them work before, I know friends who had them before. It’s easy to trust that they’ll do good on your wedding because their amazing work is literally everywhere.

Thank you, Alvin and team, & Team Panda, for being such pros at your work. Paul and I didn’t have a hard time posing and smiling and twirling because you made it so effortless. Both teams highlighted the undeniable happiness Paul and I felt that day, and they’ve captured it so beautifully.

Alvin Asayas on Facebook, Team Panda Films on Facebook

Vin & Weller Tuxedos and Suits

Finding a good suit shop isn’t easy, but Vin & Weller was one of the few suppliers whom I’ve listed as first choice and actually went on to become a part of our wedding. Elated to say we made the right choice. Despite having most of our groom’s entourage living outside the Philippines, Vin & Weller hardly did any adjustments when they finally fitted their suits. The colors were spot on and they’re so easy to work with.

Vin & Weller on Facebook

Mikhail Achas

I’ve only known Mikhail since our editorial just a few months ago. I fell in love with the bridal gown he made for me with just three weeks. It fitted right, it was amazingly detailed, and it was just beautiful. So I decided to have Mikhail design Paul’s barong and two of my gowns for our pre-nuptial shoot. You should’ve seen how ecstatic Paul was during our fitting. We barely gave any creative input and he was still so on point. Thank you, Mikhail! Paul and I are beyond grateful to have your positive support throughout the process. Thank you for unconditionally lending us a hand when we needed one for our wedding day!

Mikhail Achas on Facebook

Sam Cuta

Creating our wedding palette, pink was never not gonna be in it. My 12-year-old self has written it in stone, no more etching it out. However, finding the perfect pink was difficult. Case in point, I put up 4 pink hues on our invitation because I could not find THE ONE. Even through the fittings of my bridal entourage, I knew I loved the pink they were in but seeing them altogether, on our wedding day, was an entirely different euphoria. This shade of pink is what my dreams are made of, and what great happiness to have them in my reality. 

Thank you, Sam, for my bridal entourage’s gowns! The path wasn’t straight but what matters is we got there in the end!

(Sam doesn’t have a public profile yet!)

Patrice Uytengsu

Finding a designer for a wedding gown is probably the most difficult decision a bride could ever make. I knew Patrice through my coordinator’s recommendation and I think it was when I first visited her atelier that I told Paul, yep, she’s the one. She won my trust with how soft-spoken she was, how she made sure I knew of her process, and how much advice she gave me when I couldn’t decide for myself. She led us both creatively without going too far from my choices. Even when my choice of wedding gown was unconventional, she welcomed the idea and took upon the challenge. You see, my gown was a jumpsuit underneath. I know! How cool, right? Haha

I’ve always had this fantasy to have a wedding gown that can transform into something else. I wanted my gown to be not just a single-use luxury, but something I can reinvent in the years to come. And thankfully,  Patrice went ahead and gave me my dream wedding dress. That and the most beautiful veil I’ve seen. Thank you, Patrice, for going through it all with me.

Patrice on Instagram

Vanessa Gamus

The many times I’ve been made up before, Paul will always say, “you’re pretty but you look better without”. But for the first time ever, Paul actually complimented my make up during our pre-nup shoot. That’s the magic of Vanessa.

My twinkling eyes and flowered chignon seem like they’re only for fairy tales, but Vanessa and Nikki let me become a princess on my wedding day. Nikki, I can’t count the number of times Paul asked me to make sure you help him with his hair, haha. He just trusts you so much, it was endearing to see.

Paul & Ronah
Paul & Ronah
Paul & Ronah
Paul & Ronah
Paul & Ronah

Again, thank you Vanessa, Nikki, Kim, Markie, & Pido for being sources of positive energy that day. We loved laughing with you.

Vanessa on Instagram

Forever Afternoon

I’ve created invites aplenty for my family. So this one was particularly easy for me. I even had a layout ready including hex values of our wedding palette, lol. There were hitches along the way but Charm made sure what I had in mind and what was expected was turned into a reality. Seeing our invites for the first time just made me fall in love some more with our colors and I’m so happy they captured that perfectly.

Paul & Ronah

Charm only did not make our invites, she also collaborated with Cuckoo Cloud Concepts to create Cuckoo’s signature of personalized details. This menu set card on our presidential table is just one of the many things that made our reception intimate and cozy.

Paul & Ronah
Paul & Ronah

Forever Afternoon on Instagram

Cuckoo Cloud Concepts

In everything I do, I always try and make sure every detail counts. And our wedding was not an exception. If anything, it was the most I’ve put myself under pressure creatively. Details upon details, I managed to decide on and think over. But when it came to our reception styling, I had nothing. I’ve been asked “What’s your wedding theme?” too many times, and for all those I answered nothing. Having an inspiration overload, it became too much and my mind just went blank.

Definitely flowers, but do I want all-white or do I want pink ones? I knew I wanted a bright mostly-white reception, but I also wanted a moody one filled with fairy lights? Also, pampas grass! But that won’t fit with my other loves; gypsophila and phalaenopsis. Being pulled from too many creative directions that in the end, I remember telling Gizelle, “I trust you, do what you see fit”.

I mean, I still gave Gizelle some pointers. I don’t think I can ever let myself give a blank canvas to her. I’m too much of a control-freak for that. To the best of my abilities (or lack thereof), I grouped similar styling over on Pinterest and surrendered it to her despite knowing they were all over the place. I couldn’t decide on one theme so Gizelle did it for me. And thankfully, she managed to stitch everything together and made my creative mess cohesive. She perfectly put together the things that I didn’t know I wanted through words that I couldn’t have eloquently spoken. She’s a mind-reader, I tell ya!

The only creative input I ever gave was that of our photo corner. Because we already have a touch of Filipino tradition in terms of our kakanin, I wanted to have something from the UK, as well. The famous red telephone booth draped with the most beautiful flowers— ah, what a stunning sight to see. I was in awe with how Cuckoo beautifully executed that one input from me.

So thank you, Gizelle, Harry, and everyone behind Cuckoo Cloud Concepts. From our bouquets, to the tiniest styling detail, you’ve truly made our day beyond beautiful.

Cuckoo Cloud Concepts on Instagram

Wedding Details

We have a lot to thank for, a lot from behind the scenes that rarely gets credit. From Paul and I, we’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to Ms June Rabin for being such a joyful voice of the night. DJ Gino V for making sure our after party was lit! We’re so glad you made the flight. Zion Productions for our lights and sounds. Mark Mayol for our projector. Bridal Bimmer for our sleek wedding car, and Catalina Car Rentals for the entourage’s coaster. Celestial Voices Chorale for serenading us in church. LMGPastryChef for our gorgeous cake and stunning dessert buffet. Happyshots Photobooth Cebu for making sure everyone goes home with a captured memory. The Coolist for our principal sponsors’ and parents’ tokens. Salvador Leather Craft for our entourage’s tokens. Nikko Caballero for our memory lane video.

Last and definitely not the least…

Snoogie Weddings and Events

Three days after Paul and I decided on our wedding date back in early 2018, I’ve put up our shared Google sheets with all the suppliers, formulas, and details we needed. From that day forward, Snoogie’s name was first on our suppliers list. She was my non-negotiable, I told Paul.

I can’t find the right words to truly convey how thankful we both are that she was our coordinator. But I clearly remember this whispered moment Paul and I shared during dinner. We were looking at the faces of everyone we love that’s in the same room celebrating our union, and amidst that was Snoogie making sure things are well. Paul leaned towards me and said, “She is so worth it.” And I, teary-eyed and with a gleeful heart, agreed.

All the planning, the decisions, the saving up, the working hard, the bickering, the light bulb moments, the helpless laughters— all of the almost two-year process turned into a beautiful reality that day. And I don’t think we’d ever have such a flawless wedding day if it weren’t for Snoogie, Jason, Cherry, & Joesy. And for that we are forever grateful.

Snoogie on Instagram

PS. To all the future grooms and future brides reading this. Wedding planning is definitely not a walk in the park but one thing I’ve learned is to trust your wedding suppliers. They WANT the best for you, too. (Especially if you choose any of my wedding suppliers, haha) So let your feet up and enjoy your day!

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