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A Night of Opulence at The Pig and Palm

A Night of Opulence at The Pig and Palm

I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Pig & Palm for years and I never get to visit until December last year, with the boyfriend. I’m feeling love-y tonight, what with the Valentine’s and all, so I thought I’d share with you that beautiful night of good food and luxury.

We rarely have date nights, the boyfriend and I. Mostly— okay, maybe 100% because we’re usually 7000 miles away from each other. So, we tend to splurge a bit when we visit one another, to make up for un-celebrated Valentine’s, or missed anniversaries. We also seemed to have gotten to the part where we’re only food-tripping and skipping tourist spots. I mean, our itinerary last December was a list of restaurants. And The Pig & Palm was my no. 1.

It was a delightful surprise when we were carefully studying the menu (because you got to budget, yo) that they offer Spanish cuisine, our favorite! Researching from reviews and strangers’ Instagram accounts, these were our pre-defined orders:

Jamon and manchego croquettes
KFC Korean fried chicken, kimchi ketchup
Garlic prawn, squid ink aioli
Confit pork belly, apple caramel, mashed potato, broccoli

We then went in for dinner, without table reservations (risky!). We were given a menu and then pretended like we didn’t just spend over an hour reading all of it prior to our visit. Exchanged niceties with our server, and began our night with Amaretto sours for the boyf, and Cooler colada for me. I had to have a zero alcohol cocktail because I was driving, but it was beyond refreshing, a mix of coconut milk, fresh pineapple and cane syrup. We also decided to declare the sours as the best one in town, despite having tasted only from three, haha.

Cooler colada

Amaretto sours

Good food, glorious food

While enjoying our drinks, we were served with our food, one at a time. The croquettes, the chicken, the prawns then the best-seller pork confit. And let us tell you, they have the most amazing croquettes. We wanted to order more, but held back as we didn’t want to be full by the time our mains arrive. It was melt-in-your-mouth creamy and bursting with flavors.

The Korean fried chicken is also a must-try. The taste will be familiar if you’ve tried this dish outside. But it wasn’t as overwhelming, its tanginess and sweetness balanced perfectly. There’s also that refreshing kick from the lime and kimchi ketchup.


The garlic prawns weren’t as impressive because we didn’t understand what we should be tasting. Perhaps, we didn’t eat it the correct way. Don’t get me wrong, the prawns were still tasty, it’s just that, our expectations were already so high having had the previous bites. I guess, there was so much going on in a plate that I didn’t get to properly combine them all. A friend of mine said otherwise, and praised the dish. So if you decide to try, make sure to have the garlic, squid ink aioli, some lime and a prawn in a bite.

Garlic prawns

Holy grail

Then our most-awaited main, the pork confit, graced us with its glorious presence. It’s rather hard to describe it in a way that I’d give it justice. I haven’t had anything confit before, so I didn’t have expectations except that it would be good. It is sweet, tangy, and savory but not overwhelming. The mash was creamy, and the pork tender. And it deserves to be a best-seller.

Pork confit

Room for dessert

And after all that, we still weirdly had room for dessert. Due to my aversion to chocolate, I picked Matcha cheesecake, raspberry, yuzu & white chocolate. But the boyfriend wasn’t fond of my choice, he decided to get another which was coffee parfait, mascarpone, amaretto and chocolate. Both desserts were so intricate and complex that we couldn’t finish all. They were delicious, but if you’re not a sweet tooth like me, I suggest to just choose one.

Also, I was a bit disappointed how my Matcha cheesecake still had some chocolate cookie bits (do not quote me on this, but it was bitter, the dark brown sprinkles, see photo).

Matcha cheesecake
Where the raspberry hides
Coffee parfait

Lastly, we gambled and ordered Dill or No Dill, which has been mentioned quite a lot in reviews online. But alas, it wasn’t our taste. If you’re a fan of gin, then try this one!

And that’s it. If we were rich, we would choose to eat at The Pig & Palm every freaking day. But we’re not, so we’ll just stick to budgeting our orders hours before our once-in-a-blue-moon visit.

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