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4 Years of Ron Wears

4 Years of Ron Wears

I’ve officially been style blogging for 4 years and 16 days. How cool and crazy is that? I remember back in college, way before I started blogging, that I’ve always loved styling. No, I’m not fashion savvy. No, I didn’t know the term styling, then. Nor that it was just 1 branch of the wide and intricate weave of fashion. But I loved putting pieces together — dressing up. I cared about what I wore, how I looked.

The First Three

Of course, there were several questionable choices. Like this first every style post I did, my inaugural Ron Wears: Ron Burgundy.

Ron Wears Throwback

I posted this in November 2, so I was going for autumn hues. I’ve just discovered NYX soft matte lip and worked my styling around that color. That hat, though. Yikes. Haha!

This was, also, when I did all my editing on Photoshop, shot outfits in groups (which I still do, by the way) and did shoots in my aunt’s roof deck. Accompanying this burgundy ensemble is one of my early favorite, a style post named Cassiopeia. You know, when I randomly titled my looks because I didn’t know what SEO yet.

Ron Wears Throwback

I mean, if not for the fact that I killed this pleated skirt in a clothes dryer, I would still don this outfit now. Thankfully this second Ron Wears post isn’t as cringe as the first. More so this 3rd one from the same shoot, called Minimal. Erm, I’m actually typing this blog while wearing the same dress. Wow, this dress is 5 years old. It’s way beyond its cost-per-wear ratio, and this didn’t even cost me much, too. So yes, I’d still wear this outfit because I am wearing it. I mean, it’s not that crazy, anyway. I don’t know how I thought this was a revolutionary styling post.

Ron Wears Throwback


While my style have not drastically changed, I did get a couple of features. This Check You Out style post gave me a following boost over on Instagram after being featured in an international OOTD account. For the life of me, I can’t remember what account it was. I do remember feeling so elated to see almost a thousand follows in a span of the week after that mention.

Ron Wears Throwback

Then I got to work with ZeroThreeTwo for their shirts on that same summer of 2015. Which also led to another work with them just very recently for their dad hats.

ZeroThreeTwo x Ron Does Things Circa 2015

Ron Wears Throwback

ZeroThreeTwo x Ron Does Things Circa 2018

ZeroThreeTwo Dad HatsZeroThreeTwo Dad Hats

Later on, I also got to work with Metro and styled 3 denim outfits with them. One of my first ventures into style collaborations. I had amazing fun with these, too. I was really proud with how they turned out.

Metro Denim Party 2017Metro Denim Party 2017Denim is Chic

Upping the Photography Game

That 2015 feature with ZeroThreeTwo was coincidentally shot by one of my grade school classmates. This became my entry point into creating better visuals for the blog. Diverting from roof deck shoots to city backgrounds. He shot a couple of sets with me, for Ron Does Things this time, around 6 outfits. I was then really inspired by how good my style posts were becoming. Even my style, I must say, have become more experimental, more chic, more oh-that-works kind of looks!

I'm Over It All

A couple of my favorite looks from the 4 years I’ve been blogging is this dungaree x sleeveless pair and this coral x mom jeans ensemble.

circa 1991

Good Ideas, Better Ideas, Best Ideas

I started getting sick with the random Outfit of the Day posts. I remember taking a hiatus and going back after some brainstorming and pushed myself to better transform my OOTDs into something my readers can really take inspiration from. I realized that I wanted to make Ron Wears less about looking good but also about feeling good. In my style posts, I always remind my readers that they need not buy the things I buy or wear the things I wear but instead make my style posts as guide only.

I started discussing WHY I think the pieces complement each other to better help my readers formulate their own style, and not just WHAT I’m wearing. Making my style posts more personal, as well, by sharing my insecurities. That I, too, am not comfortable in a bikini because of society’s expectations. Furthermore, I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to be mindful about consumerism. As a start, I styled a piece in many ways and pushed the idea that yes, we can refresh our old clothes. We don’t have to buy and buy and buy.


A Sure Azure (aka My Take On Body Issues Set By The Evil Society)

Une Parisienne

Une Parisienne, how I styled this ensemble for Valentine’s

From Day: GreeneryFrom Day, To Night, a simple transformation to last your day’s activities.

To Night: Greenery
Botanical Stripes

Botanical Stripes, how I styled this dress up to strip down and played with clashing colors

Botanical Stripes

3 Ways To Style Your Party Dress After The Party Season


In the past year or so, my style posts have evolved into more of an Edit rather than OOTD. Taking various looks into one inspiration-fest of a blog. Which I truly enjoy and will continue to do so. But after having looked back on the things that I’ve styled, I may be overdue for a multi-style and personal posts, again!

What I Wore in August ’17: Sartorial Statements

Summer Lookbook: Gen-Z Yellow Edit

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink
On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink (to honor Mean Girls’ day)

Color Combo 2018
To All The Color Combinations I’ve Loved This Year

Style Finalist for Best Cebu Blog Awards 2018

All these reminiscing was not for nothing. I’ve received amazing news that I’m a BCBA Style Finalist! My first nomination (I think)! And while I haven’t won yet, the appreciation and acknowledgement alone, by one of the pioneering award-giving bodies in the Cebu blogosphere, is already an honor. Ron Wears has always been one of this blog’s core topics and I couldn’t be happier that my style stories are being recognized. Thank you to the founders and judges of the Best Cebu Blog Awards 2018. As well as the sponsors that is helping BCBA make this all happen.

I’m nervous and happy waiting for December 2! Watch my space (@rondoesthings everywhere) or BCBA’s page to know if I’ve won by then. Eek! Wish me luck, loves!

BCBA Style Finalist

BCBA Sponsors

4 Years of Ron Wears4 Years of Ron Wears

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