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To All The Color Combinations I’ve Loved This Year

To All The Color Combinations I’ve Loved This Year

Earlier this year, I went gaga over color combinations I never thought would work together. In line with my UK trip, I planned for outfits bursting with color. It was also my third venture into styling layers, after my Taiwan and South Korea travel outfits, which made it doubly exciting. I enjoy styling and planning a lot as it’s my favorite aspect aside from actually wearing them.

This post also works as a Spring to Autumn Lookbook. These I’ve worn earlier in spring, but it could very well work in autumn, too! I know that’s leaping over summer, but summer had its own palette this year. It was mostly cream and linens. And although we’re eternally tropical in the Philippines, I’ve seen a lot of you travel to the colder countries. I don’t think linen will let you survive then! So, here are 5 color combinations that you might want to take into consideration to jazz up your A/W wardrobe!

Mustard & Brown

I’ve had this cropped jumper (or sweater) for quite some time now. I bought it from the UK years ago, so it is thicker than what we usually get here in the Philippines.I wore it first in Taiwan, which was when I discovered how thick it was. I withstood the sudden temperature drop despite the fact that I was only wearing jeans. With that said, it was hard for me to incorporate this piece into anything while in our country. So when I planned my trip for winter-going-to-spring, I knew I had to use it. When else can I wear such thick jumper without melting to a sweat puddle?

Earth tones were big this year, especially from summer to autumn. You can see a lot of burnt orange, mustard and browns around the shops now. But back then, I fell in love with this coat while I was trying to stay away from the usual black trench coat styling. This camel-colored coat was the answer to that. It’s a neutral color with an oomph.

Pairing both, on the day that I wore this, was a delightful surprise. I then went for a school-girl vibe by adding in the check skirt I got in South Korea and giving it more oomph by wearing these glittery thigh high boots. I couldn’t help but channel Blair Waldorf while sat on these steps.

Ron wears… Missguided jumper, ASOS coat, skirt from South Korea, Zara boots.

2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook

Mustard & Green

As mentioned, I initially wanted to title this as a Spring to Autumn Lookbook. But I never got to wear this particular outfit back in spring. Nevertheless, I’ve planned to wear this color combination since then. In fact, I got this forest green wide-legged pants during my trip. However, I felt too chunky when pairing it with a jumper. When wearing wide-legged bottoms, I always opt for something tighter up top just to balance out the proportions. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a skin-tight mustard piece that could defend me from snow, so these pair of pants never got to see the spring light.

Until last week. I went to the launch of CBTL’s 2019 Giving Journal donning this ensemble. It matched the bag you saw me style in my Parfois vlog, too. I’ve styled this top here on the blog with a flared denim, which further tells us how I’ve always gone for this top to pair with wide-legged anything.

Ron wears… Forever 21 top, Topshop wide-legged pants, Parfois bag, Zara flats, Sunnies glasses.

2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook

Green & Pink

My pink suit is my current favorite piece in my wardrobe right now. I got it for new year’s celebration this year and I’ve since showed up to occasions in it multiple times. This day was not an exception. The following photos were actually shot on my birthday this year. The boyfriend and I were having a staycation in Manchester to celebrate and I decided to wear a not-so-literal birthday suit on my day.

I’ve styled this suit with heels and classic Chuck Taylor’s. For winter wear, it was an obvious yes to boots. But I refused to wear black boots, so I went with white (which was the trend at the time). Since I went away from black, even my coat was pink, I also wanted to find a color that would easily substitute black for my inner wear, and that would be the darker colors. Think burgundy, navy or the one I’m wearing, a forest green turtle neck. It’s for those who’s trying to dip their toes on color but can’t quite leave black just yet. Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations, too. Complementary colors were my guide as I first delved into color blocking.

Ron wears… Pinkaholic suit, Monki turtle neck, Topshop boots (and some Uniqlo Heattech underneath).

2018 Color Combo LookbookColor Combo 20182018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook

Pink & Burgundy

Speaking of pink and burgundy, this color combo is my ultimate favorite making this outfit my favorite out ’em all. I even bought a burgundy coat to style it with my many pink pieces.

I had so much fun styling this fur jumper but to be honest, it is such a pain when wearing with darker colors. I wore it in Korea with a black coat, and by end of day, that black coat was covered in pink lint. This happened with the burgundy flares you see below. But boy, is it pretty! Anyone and everyone can wear it as it’s such an easy ensemble. That includes any age since this one happily fuses retro and modern.

And I did say I usually wear wide-legged trousers with something tight, but flares often compliment the wearer’s figure. It helps create that S line so you won’t really lose proportions after pairing it with chunky jumpers. Both are very easy to layer, too. I had multiple warmers underneath and it doesn’t look it. Fashion and function!

Ron wears… Bershka jumper, Topshop flares & boots, Forever 21 baker boy hat.

PS. There’s a similar piece available now (here) but it’s the corduroy version. I’ve been searching for good cord pieces for my UK trip and they’re always sold out back then. Ahh! I obviously won’t buy it as it’s nearly identical to the one I’m wearing below, so I’ll wear it vicariously through you, okay?

2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook

Burgundy & Blue

The last, but definitely not the least, is my burgundy and blue combo. I’m wearing the same pants above, but this time I styled it with blue. Both chunky jumper and the prettiest kitten heel boots in a cerulean shade. I’m gutted I never got to wear these boots more (I also have these in satin pink), but you’ll surely see them in the future OOTDs.

This color combination was the rage earlier this year. But it was not just any blue, it was either cerulean or powdered blue paired with burgundy. A combo I definitely wouldn’t think would work until I saw it worn. I’m still not sure why it works but it does, doesn’t it? It is such a unique combo, too. I went with a similar silhouette as the one you saw with the Pink & Burgundy combo. Chunky top, flared bottoms, but doing away from chunky boots.

I still laugh at the thought of me climbing all those steps in kitten heels. This was when we visited Penshaw Hill, and there were more steps than photographed below. What a dum dum! This was fashion over function, for definite, hah!

Ron wears… H&M jumper, Topshop flares, Office kitten boots.

2018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo LookbookColor Combo 20182018 Color Combo Lookbook2018 Color Combo Lookbook

While I never got to document all I’ve worn that trip, I managed to shoot my favorites. And looking back now, it seemed to have happened quite organically. One color leading to another. From mustard to green, green to pink, pink to burgundy. It was a matter of finding their color pairs. I hope this sparked some color inspiration into your life. Let’s ditch the black and white for now, shall we?

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