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¿Que Pasa? Cebu Travels To España

¿Que Pasa? Cebu Travels To España

¿Que Pasa? or What’s up?, a phrase Kyle and Billy Wong heard so often, is now the name of their newly-opened restaurant, Que Pasa Tapas Bar and Lounge. It became more apparent to center around Spanish cuisine when they visited Spain, fell in love, and decided to bring it home.

Que Pasa

Small Bites

When I was invited to dine at ¿Que Pasa?, I knew I had to say yes. I’m a sucker for tapas, and I’ve only recently learned this when I visited the UK, earlier this year. In fact, a screenshot below shows a list of my blogs to write, one of them being Why I’m In Love with Tapas. Yes, I’ve fallen hard enough to have a working title like that.

Tapas are supposedly small bites, or appetizers, but I think it’s a great solution to my boyfriend and mine’s we-want-to-try-everything dilemma. In many dinners we’ve had together, it’s not uncommon to find 3-4 tapas and one main on our table. We both get to taste a small portion of everything and pay just a little bit more than having 2 mains. Sometimes, even less.

Tapas To Do

A Little Bit of Everything

Croquettas were love at first bite when I first had it in a tapas bar in Amorita, and since then I’ve enjoyed croquettas everywhere. Que Pasa’s are no exception. I did not read the description, luckily, because if I had, I would’ve made unnecessary judgment given they have blue cheese. But worry not! For those who, like me, don’t want blue cheese, it’s beautifully integrated into the croquettas that you wouldn’t even know it’s there. I certainly did not, until I read the menu.

Both smoked salmon and liver páté were delightful and were favorites by the others. But what kept tempting me was the chicken skin. Oh so sinful, but oh so good! While I know chicken skin’s already addicting on its own, you would think it can’t be improved aside from some good vinegar. However, Que Pasa totally blew my mind by adding some truffle honey and turning my chicken skin experience to an unusual but irresistible savory and sweet one.

Enjoy 4 of their tapas in a soon-to-be-launched sampler, which includes their chicken skin, smoked salmon, croquettas and chicken liver pâté. You may, of course, also enjoy these on their own.

Que PasaQue Pasa
Crispy Chicken Skin with Truffle Honey

Que PasaQue Pasa
Smoked Salmon on Toast with Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese and Pickled Radish

Que PasaQue PasaCroquettas stuffed with Green Apples and Blue Cheese with Aioli

Que Pasa
Chicken Liver Pâté with Mango Chutney and Dried Mango

Even More Tapas

Aside from the tapas you get in the sampler, you may also enjoy these more familiar Filipino favorites. Paella being a staple in any and every Spanish resto, plus calamares, salpicao, gambas, and sisig. Each having Que Pasa’s twist and unique take. The squid aioli drizzled on the calamares, for one, is tasty and innovative. Perhaps not the best choice on a first date but I’d say, it’s worth the squid ink lip stain. Conclude your tapas-overload experience with their (currently) only dessert offering but quite the best way to end your meal, the Mango Coconut Flan.

Que Pasa
Sizzling Paella Rice with Chicken Skin and Garlic Aioli

Que Pasa
Calamares with Squid Ink Aioli

Que Pasa
Beef Salpicao

Que Pasa
Gambas con Aligue

Que Pasa
Que Pasa Sisig with Aligue Mayo

Que Pasa
Mango Coconut Flan

Buy 1, Take 1 Sangria

Until the 15th of November, Que Pasa is offering a buy 1 take 1 promo on all their sangria offering, may it be Red, Rosé, or White. A range of cocktails can also be enjoyed at the bar to perfectly compliment your tapas.

Que Pasa
Rosé Sangria

Find the ?

Find the big question mark and locate ¿Que Pasa? at Nivel Hills, Cebu Veterans Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. Just right after Tops Korean Restaurant. They are open from 5PM – 2AM daily. For inquiries, contact them via their Instagram account, @quepasacebu.

Que Pasa

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