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Clam Bake with Cebu Fashion Bloggers

Clam Bake with Cebu Fashion Bloggers

Being in a group of creatives has been quite the source of my much-needed dose of inspiration every now and then. And when these creatives get together, you’ll for sure get flooded with some of the most curated outfits and photos from that night. Here’s when Cebu Fashion Bloggers celebrated 9 years together.

CFB 9th Anniversary

Organizing this year’s anniversary meal was quite the feat I didn’t expect I could achieve. Knowing how each one of us love having curated feed, it was priority to get good content from the dinner. I mean, it’s not everyday we get to see each other. Let alone have multiple people who can take pictures of you, who actually know the angles, in one room. Clambake and linens were two easy decisions made to center the night around. We’ve, also, always dreamt about that beachside, glammed-up, rustic dining experience. When Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa said yes to hosting us, that dream became easier to turn into reality.

Handmade with Love

But the thing that I still can’t wrap my head around was the fact that this iconic resort hotel not only said yes to us, but also made it 100% Instagrammable. We literally just gave photos of the clambake pegs we wanted and the banquet team went all out. From the handmade dreamcatchers hanging across the ceiling to the homey teepees in the corner. It was so heartwarming to step in the Ocean Pavilion and see how much effort went into making our night incredibly and intimately beautiful.

Seriously, the banquet manager, Mr. Neldon Rivera, taught himself how to make the dreamcatchers just for this night. He also recycled some bottles and painted it to match the theme. Bought some pallets so he can style it to serve as our tables. Led the creation of the teepees which instantly became our photo corners.

CFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th Anniversary

Seafood Feast

Of course, what is a celebration without food. Executive Chef Roshan Fernando personally laid down the gastronomic delights that we’re about to feast on. Thankfully, no one’s allergic in our group. We chowed down the fresh lobsters, crabs, clams, mussels and tiger prawns without guilt. Along with refreshing salads and hearty soup, photos were taken and laughter were had during. We capped off our dinner with a delectable apple pie and seasonal fruits. Ronah Truffle even made a cameo!

CFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th AnniversaryCFB 9th Anniversary
A spectacular scene, Executive Fernando and his team prepping our clambake.

Private Dining at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa

Back in 2017, my then-boyfriend, now-fiancè and I got engaged on a bridge near Ocean Pavilion. Only because I didn’t know there were other private dining options other than the Gazebo. We settled in to having our 5-year anniversary dinner at Cowrie Cove, among other guests. We’re both very introverted and private people, doing it in front of anyone is definitely a no in our books. And the Gazebo was under renovation at the time. We could not find a more private place, for him to later on ask me the question, other than that bridge. I’m not saying it wasn’t perfect, but I do know he had an ideal plan in mind which involved dining (and proposing) at the Gazebo.

So, if you’re reading this and want to propose, or perhaps surprise a loved one, or even spend an intimate dinner with your family or friends, read ahead. Let Shangri-La go above and beyond for you. These are the other private dining options at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa.

Private Dining at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa
Photo courtesy of Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa

Paradise Island

Looking out onto the vast Visayan Sea is the resort’s Paradise Island, an idyllic venue in the middle of the beach cove, perfect for guests to have a romantic dinner, an intimate reception or even a private ceremony. The facility is surrounded with abundant foliage and has a patio where guests can linger and contemplate an endless vista of clear waters and blue skies.

Gazebo and the Observatory

The resort also offers guests an unparalleled view of the sea from the intimate luxury of the Gazebo and the Observatory. Exquisite set menus complete the perfect romantic evening in these seaside dining pavilions.

Boat Jetty

Set in our Boat Jetty, surrounded by Mactan’s electric blue waters and under the starlit skies, your personal waiter will serve a palatable set menu of your choice, while you take in the magical atmosphere.

Acqua Veranda

Perched on a rock by the Ocean Wing Pool is the Acqua Veranda, a quaint private setting with an elevated view of our pristine white sand beach. It’s perfect for intimate celebrations with family or friends.

CHI Spa Cabana

Nestled by the gardens with a panoramic view of the cerulean blue seas, the CHI Spa Cabana, is a romantic venue for a truly memorable night. Indulge in a special menu as you listen to the soft crashing waves with your special someone.

You may also enjoy their current dining promotion, Dim Sum Eat-All-You-Can At Tea of Spring for Php 988 per person from 12 to 2:30 in the afternoon.

For inquiries or reservations, please call (63 32) 231 0288 or email fbreservations.mac@shangri-la.com.

With a Grateful Heart

Our heartfelt thanks to the most amazing team, led by Banquet Manager Neldon Rivera, who turned our clambake dreams into reality. Despite the weather and having to transfer from the beachfront to the Ocean Pavilion, it was just as cozy and charming as we envisioned it to be. We felt so special after learning some of the pieces were especially handmade for our night. Thank you, Executive Chef Roshan Fernando and team. It was, indeed, a feast to remember. And lastly, to General Manager René D. Egle, Ms. Cassandra Cuevas, Ms. Jacque Bulawan, and Ms. Feirlyn Decasa, for hosting and accommodating us. We are humbled by the eagerness and unparalleled support you’ve given Cebu Fashion Bloggers.

Clambake with CFB
Joymie, Sweet, Me!, Jean, Doyzkie, Banquet Manager Neldon Rivera, General Manager René Egle, Marco, Issa, Ching, Katrina, Sophia and Jesse

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