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On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

When I realized October 3rd falls on a Wednesday this year, I could not not make a post about it. Mean Girls was ahead of its time, thanks to the genius Tina Fey. It continues to define many high schoolers’ life and hopefully, learned lessons. But without getting too deep, I thought I would share with you some outfits that never made it to an official blog, despite these photos being months old. Well, I do have years of backlog (mostly, travel), so this isn’t even that much old than I’m making it seem to be. But I digress, here’s a word vomit about three outfits of my favorite color. Because that’s what we wear on Wednesdays.

Looking for Cherry Blossoms

I don’t think I’ve blogged anything from my 2018 trip to the UK yet, but this seems a more perfect time to post this photoset instead of waiting for spring. By then, something else might be ranking high in the fashion scene than linen.

There were 2 things I wanted from the trip earlier this year, to experience snow and to find a cherry blossom tree. The latter was getting more impossible as my return to Cebu became nearer and also the fact it was still snowing in April. A week before I flew back to Cebu, the clouds parted and the sun finally showed its face. Prompting a handful of the cherry blossoms around town to bloom early. We kept an eye for pink trees but alas, there were none in the spots where we can stop and shoot. Until the very last two days. This was the sole cherry blossom to bloom near the boyfriend’s house. A tree behind a gate of a grade school compound. It’s laughable to think now, that the best we could find had to make me pose beside a gate. A bit desperate but hey, I got both my wishes. All’s well that ends well.

Linen and Cigarette

At the time, linen was just starting to hit the mainstream. And this top was the last piece of my size around Manchester, Leeds and West Yorkshire. 3 big cities and I found this on a hidden rack near the fitting room in Zara. But guess what arrived in Cebu in August? Yep, 10 stocks of this exact same top in my size. But its well worth it, no? It was easy to pair with my favorite trouser style from Topshop, the cigarette trousers. This top is easy to pair with anything, really. In fact, it became most worn piece throughout summer.

Also, why is that every time I visit the UK, their stocks and trends are always on time? Ours are, as mentioned above, months late. How can we fashionably compete with the trends, man!

On Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Ron wears… Zara linen top and scarf, Topshop pink cigarette trousers, Primark white pointed flats, Marks & Spencers straw sling bag.

Sun’s Out, Legs Out

When the temperature hits 25ºC in the UK, it’s headline material. There will be suddenly people everywhere. The pubs will be full and they will actually use the tables outside. Some making sure they’re under the sun and not the shade. It’s quite a ruckus when the sun’s out. And since I spent majority of my trip being cold to the bone, I made sure to join in the sun festivities. I, too, put my legs out. In my pink skirt, the boyfriend and I wandered around Leeds, buying corn from shady men, drank cold smoothie without shivering and funnily, wasted a couple of hours in the dark. We watched another disappointing movie in that posh cinema where there’s sofa’s and tables. We could’ve just spent more time under the sun! But no, we decided to watch The Rock save the world with a gorilla. Ugh.

Pink Cords

Another trend that lasted more than a couple of seasons are corduroys. Or ‘cords‘ in the west. I’ve been eyeing this skirt along with its jacket in H&M even before my trip. Cords and coords are big this year. However, I didn’t buy it knowing I wouldn’t be able to show skin. But it went on sale in Manchester, so I just had to. To my regret, up to this day, I didn’t include the jacket. So, if you spot the cord jacket (which I did last August in H&M, except they were gone the next day), message me please!

If you scroll down my OOTD posts back in late 2017, and my Instagram outfits while in the UK, you’d know how obsessed I was with baker boy and fiddler hats. Finding and buying this cord baker boy hat was a no-brainer. It was the perfect fit to my skirt even though it’s from a completely different brand. How serendipitous.

On Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Ron wears… New Look ‘Bonjour’ slogan shirt, H&M pink cord skirt, Topshop pink cord hat, Converse white Chuck Taylors.

10000 Roses and 1

This was my first outfit shoot back in Cebu after my trip. If you’ve read my Gen-Z Yellow Edit, this was actually shot at the same time. Just right after I decided it’s time to ditch the long hair and don the short bob again. But I couldn’t make this fit into that same outfit post. I initially wanted to do an S/S ’18 post but 4 of them were yellow, and that surely was not a good sample of what S/S ’18 trends were. This was dropped and I waited for the moment to strike. Here we are.

Did you know you can visit 10000 roses now without hundreds of tourists breathing down your neck? That was quite the surprise (or not really, people usually flock at first) when my family ate at the nearby restaurant.

Pink Linen Back in Cebu

I stocked a lot of outfits before returning to Cebu. As mentioned in my Gen-Z Yellow Edit, most of them were bought there. This is another one of them. Another linen. Are you sick of them already? Because I’m not.

I bought this not only because of the color and textile used. This dress, also, reminds me of (500) Days of Summer. I’m in love with Summer’s wardrobe and button down dresses fits exactly into her dainty, vintage closet.

On Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear PinkOn Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Ron wears… Primark dress, Topshop espadrilles, Sunnies sunnies (lol), Cara Cebu bag.

So, that was a word vomit and a half. I enjoyed hastily writing that as my thoughts were coming by fast! This kind reminds me of good ol’ RDT days, and that’s a relief to know I still enjoy doing this. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing it! Don’t forget to rewatch Mean Girls, today!

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