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Sweets Overload at The Dessert Museum

Sweets Overload at the Dessert Museum

In this era, when social media is king, restaurants and tourist spots alike not only have to be good at what they primarily offer but also be as pretty as they can be for the ‘gram. The Dessert Museum is one of the best examples of a place conceptualized to cater every ‘gram-holic needs. For Php 699 per person, you get to tour the museum for 2 hours. 8 rooms with a dessert offering per room and historical facts relating to the rooms’ theme. It wouldn’t be called a museum without getting to learn something. Albeit, that’s rarely the reason people visit, it was still, of course, cool to find awesome dessert facts. So today, let me share with you some snaps from when I visited the museum.

Dessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert Museum


You enter the museum through a donut hole and slide your way to a room filled with hanging strawberry-coated donuts. On the side is a wall of various-flavored donuts.

Dessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert Museum


After you get your fill of donuts, move on to a blue and white room with hundreds of mallows, hanging from the ceiling and stuck to the wall. There’s even a pot of mallows at the end of a rainbow, just beside where you can have a massive mallow dipped in vanilla or strawberry. Which by the way, delighted me. It’s rare to find non-chocolate fountains and I was glad to have a non-chocolate option that moment.

Dessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert Museum
Peek that mallow fact behind mallow-man! You’ll see these in every room.

Dessert Museum

Candy Canes and Candy Everything

Probably the most “packed” room amongst the 8. There were lots of photo spots in this room. There was a pathway of pink and blue candy canes, a corner of candy lips, a corner of round candies, a seesaw in the midst of candy canes plus a candy cane swing!

Dessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert Museum

Ice Cream

The toughest photo we took. Apparently, I’m not so good taking photos lying down. In the ice cream room, there’s a ball pit around a massive cone. You also get to pick your preferred ice cream bar, I had avocado! My friend, Maan, had mango!

Dessert MuseumDessert Museum

Gum Ball and Gummy Bears

Perhaps my least favorite room. I love gummy bears but they didn’t offer one. There were also a handful of gigantic bears in the room, which may or may not be the reason why I wasn’t too keen, heh.

Dessert Museum

Cotton Candy

The fluffiest and sweetest room there is. Enter this room underneath clouds of pink cotton candy. Trees made up of cotton candy lined up with bushes of cotton candy plus another giant tree with cotton candy leaves. This was one of the few rooms which offered a dessert that actually represents the room, along with mallows and cake pops.

Dessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert Museum

Cake Pops

The last of the 8 is one of the more famous rooms. I’ve seen people hanging from these inverted cake pops on social media more than the rest. And while I look smiley and happy, it was actually a struggle to get up the cake pop, it being round and shiny. But hey, all for the ‘gram!

Dessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert MuseumDessert Museum

Everything You Need To Know

  • The Dessert Museum is located at the ground floor of S Maison Mall, below Conrad Hotel.
  • S Maison Mall and SM Mall of Asia are connected via a foot bridge, so it’s very accessible.
  • The tickets cost Php 799 (weekdays) and Php 899 (weekends) for walk-ins but Php 699 online. However, there’s an online fee of ~Php 54.
  • Each tour starts every 15 minutes from 10AM until 10PM and lasts for 2hours, which means you should allocate at most 15 minutes per room.
  • 5-6 dessert samples will be given throughout the tour. It was suggested to finish them while within the room, but we saw people carry their uneaten dessert samples from the Donut room to the Cake Pops.
  • As it’s a sweet, sweet tour, you’ll definitely need water. There are bottled water being sold in select rooms. But they’re not strict should you opt to bring your own. I managed to drink my own water without getting kicked out or forced to buy their water.
  • Photographers will take your photo in each room. At the end of the tour, you get to choose if you want to buy a printed copy or a soft copy of all your photos. Price depends on the number of photos you buy. We had 1 photo printed twice for Php 100.
  • Make sure to charge your phone and cameras!
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