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Postcards from Windsor Castle

A throwback from 2 years ago, I went to Windsor Castle and never wrote about it. Until today, 19th of May.

Windsor Castle, England

As most of us may know, another royal wedding is set to occur. But this one’s rather different for me, personally, and probably for most people who watch Suits. I wouldn’t have ever thought that Rachel (Meghan Markle) will be off to marrying a prince. You’re watching this paralegal beat a non-lawyer lawyer from your couch and then suddenly, she’s going to become a part of the English monarchy? Isn’t it surreal? And not just any royal, someone in the direct line to the throne, too. Of course, I don’t know much about both to really be /personally/ affected, but I mean…

No one dreams about marrying a prince and actually making it happen, right? I don’t think Meghan thought of this, too. Nor dreamt about this. She seems to be an independent woman who’s already doing good with her life. But life is unpredictable and here we are, commoners, discussing about people we’ve never met and probably never will.

Although admit it, it is a little bit interesting. Living with history is much more interesting rather than learning about them when they’re dead or just ruins. In the future, they’d be writing this in history books and our grand kids will ask us where we were the day this Prince Harry married Meghan. We’ll probably say, watching a livestream of them on Facebook. And they’ll ask, what’s Facebook? Then I’ll get all triggered from cringy Facebook posts that keep popping up on my On This Day. My point is, the connection to what would be history and what would be in history books for the future to learn is amazing to me.

The past has written the history we’re learning now, and it’s our time to be writing the history someone else will be learning. The royals are exactly that, they’re living in our time now, and we get to have a real-time update of what’s happening. The thrill of not being spoiled of what’s gonna happen next is fun, too.

Within The Castle

As much as I’d like to write about all the fun facts I learned the day we visited, I don’t remember anything aside from the fact that I had a bad tummy ache and that’s why I look pained in most photos. Therefore, I’m not gonna write history facts here. I’m sure Wikipedia does it better than me. And here are some snippets I took during our tour inside the castle.

Windsor Castle, England

St. George’s Gate, way in to the castle grounds.

Round Tower - Windsor Castle

The Round Tower, a keep, stands tall in the middle of the castle grounds. 

Windsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, England

The Quadrangle. They had a vintage car show the day we visited.

Windsor Castle, England

One of the towers, I have no recollection which but this is on the way towards the North Terrace. That long queue you see behind me was for the State Apartments and Queen Mary’s dollhouse. We decided not to go as we didn’t have much time and the wait was over an hour. You’re also not allowed to take photos inside so even if I said we did, I wouldn’t really have any photo evidence to show you.

Windsor Castle, England

The Brunswick Tower, I believe.

The North Terrace

The following photos show the beautiful garden that is the north terrace. Just outside the state apartments. Where the Queen may have walked around drinking tea with her corgis. Who knows! I don’t.

Windsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, England

From left to right, the Queen’s Tower, Clarence Tower, Chester Tower and Prince of Wales Tower.

Windsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, England

Upper, Middle and Lower Ward

The whole of Windsor Castle is actually on a slope. It’s divided into three; the upper ward which consists of the north terrace and state apartments, the middle ward is where the Round Tower is, and the lower ward has St. George’s Chapel. So, we walked from the middle toward to the upper ward on an uphill slope then went back towards the lower ward on a downhill slope.

St. George’s Chapel

This chapel is where the wedding ceremony will be held today. A gothic structure that’s hard to miss, it’s predominantly what the lower consist of. I don’t think people were allowed inside. Well, we’ll see that today with Harry and Meghan in it saying I do!

Windsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England

The Horseshoe Cloister. A striking but meek building beside the chapel. It houses the clergy and lay clerks of the chapel.

Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England

Just across the Horseshoe Cloister is the Garter Tower and Salisbury Tower where I saw a lot of royal guards went in to. And in front is one of the many manned posts around the castle grounds. However, this was probably the nearest you can be with a royal guard as the others were cordoned off. So, this guard was definitely in a lot of tourist photos that day, including mine. A quick anecdote, just before we took this photo, he shouted at some tourist who dared go too near. You are supposed to respect their space and not touch them, so please be a decent human being. Also explains why I had my hand in a fist, because I was anxious, yo. I didn’t want to get shouted at.

Windsor Castle, England

King Henry VIII gate, way out of the castle grounds.

The Long Walk

This is the reason why I wanted to visit so badly. I really wanted to take a photo with that perspective of a 4-kilometer double-lined avenue of trees leading towards the castle, with little to no tourists other than me. To my dismay, the vintage car show extended to the walk and so I couldn’t have possibly gotten the photo I wanted. Anyway, I’m going back when there are no shows scheduled, for sure. Instead, enjoy a few car photos that you might enjoy. Oh, and you can go to the Long Walk without having to pay entrance to the Windsor Castle, as it’s technically outside the castle grounds.

Windsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, EnglandWindsor Castle, England

Outside the Castle Grounds

Windsor Castle, England

I recognize Queen Victoria easily only because she has a lot of statues in England. She also has one in Kensington Palace, which we visited a couple of days before this. This one in particular is just outside Windsor Castle. She’s facing the town center of Berkshire.

Windsor Castle, England

If you didn’t get to have a picture with a famous red telephone booth, yet, then there’s one nearby Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle, England

A cute little shop named after the royal title of Kate Middleton just across Windsor Castle.

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