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January Sales Haul and Tips On How To Spot A Good Deal

January Sales Haul and Tips On How To Spot A Good Deal

It’s that time of the year when I burn a massive hole in my pocket! As mentioned in previous January Sales hauls, this is my favourite sales season because it usually has better deals and choices. Watch my video above to see what I got! Moreover, here are some tips and tricks when dealing with deals.

Fashion Staples

I advise you to update your wardrobe with fashion staples during sales. Basic shirts, denim pieces, tops of basic colours are some of the things I keep my eye on during sales. One of the fashion staples I scored this season was a black leather skirt from Php 1190 to Php 300! I also picked up a couple of white shirts that aren’t just basic white shirts! They came in with fur, pleats and lace, how diva, right? But still just as flexible as a basic white shirt.

January Sales 2018

Be Patient

When it comes to trend pieces, I usually check if they’re low on stocks with my size. If they are, I then decide whether it’s worth the discounted price or not as well as if I can justify the cost-per-wear. However, if there’s still a lot of stocks in my size and every other size, I would wait out until the next mark down. Most brands mark down after a couple of weeks up to a 3rd wave. Be patient but attentive! There’s a high risk of losing it to others but such great feeling (and savings) when you see it go down from 30% to 50% to even 70% off!

Sleep On It

If it’s just something I spotted, not something I’ve been eyeing since forever, then I’d probably sleep on it. If I can only imagine it styled one way, I’d also sleep on it (and think of other ways to style it). If I still like it after a couple of sleeps, or I can’t take it off my mind. Or if I know I can actually style it in multiple ways, then I’d consider it. The things I’ve regret buying during sales are the impulsive ones, I either end up hating how they look on me or get difficulties in styling them. Because of this, I’ve now gotten very good at filtering that ones I really like versus the ones that I only like because it’s on sale. So, sleep on it!

January Sales 2018


As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, I should be able to wear the pieces I buy in multiple ways. If it’s not flexible enough, you’ll end up getting bored with just that one way of wearing it. Bonus points if you can wear them in different seasons, too!

Trend Forecast

Though very rare and difficult to do, I’ve managed to score items on sale that are just about to hit the trend. Whether it be in color, texture or cut. Here’s the lowdown, sales usually happen at the end of a season. At this time, brands from all around the world will also start publishing a sneak peek of their next season. See which ones are familiar or alike with the ones you see on the sales rack. This way, you don’t have to buy the trend on their highest price when released. Now, you get to wear it even before anyone else! V hipster-ish, and of course, unnecessary to most but if you’re an influencer or likes to set trends, getting ahead and doing it good always seem to be a good idea.

January Sales 2018

The Best Way To Save Is Not To Spend At All

I mean, duh. Sales are built around the idea of “saving”. Save 50% off, save 300 off, save this and that. The fact is, you will still spend something though not as high as when it was on a regular price. But if you really want to save, don’t purchase any at all.

So, do you have any sale tips for me? Share in the comments below!

January Sales 2018

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