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18 Realistic Resolutions This 2018

Hello, hello! I’ve finally stopped writing 2017 on paper and thought, hey, I’ve settled down with the new year! So, maybe it’s time to get on with the writing, again. I couldn’t decide which to write first but I saw a lot of resolutions getting published, which is of course, timely. But would you believe that I’ve never written an actual New Year’s Resolutions list before? Or at least one that I remember. Grade school assignments don’t count! I’ve written goals, sure, but not a list of things to “resolve”. And with that, here are 18 resolutions that I’ve made doable and realistic so that my first ever NYR won’t be a total fail!

1. Start to write a blog once a week. Keyword: start.
2. Write in planner often. Not just until June.
3. Stop thinking I’ll remember that thing later, and then consequently forget it… later. Write ideas before it escapes me!
4. Not to lose my black pen, which I may have stolen from my mom. Don’t tell her.

What I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

5. Read 2 books this year.

I’ve been bad with reading last year. I bought books after books but never read it. Which would be rather odd for my teenager-self. I was so crazy over books and articles when I was younger that I’d choose it over sleep. I did read a book and finish it within a day, last year. And so I think it’s more of finding time and actually picking up one. My book-crazed self is still alive within, it just needs to be woken up every now and then.

6. Put clothes I’ve tried on back to its hanger and my closet instead of creating a mountain of clothes every morning. Ugh.
7. Take better care of my clothes, bags and accessories.

I accumulate a lot of clothes, bags and accessories in a year. *cough*shopaholic*cough* And thankfully, I’ve taken good care of them that most last a long time. However, I still have a long way to go in terms of storing stuff, particularly bags and accessories. I found out Oh My Bag sells bag filers which helps my conundrum of storing bags which didn’t have their own bags. This is definitely a good way to keep the dust away from your precious belongings, not just bags! They have various sizes, so its easy to fit most items.

Oh My BagOh My Bag

I had an issue with my first DSLR camera before, a black spot suddenly appeared in the viewfinder. It didn’t register in the photos I took but it’s beyond annoying when trying to take one. I had it fixed but the person just advised me to store it in a box with silica gel inside, because it was apparently moist that’s causing it. Since then, I’ve collected every silica gel that comes with any purchases I have and put them in various places. You’ll definitely find a silica gel, or dehumidifier pack in my jewelry box, make up drawer, shoes closet, and bags storage. Oh My Bag also sells them in packs of 5 or 2, which is rather convenient as I don’t have to rummage through packages to own one.

8. Moisturize every damn day.
9. Find an eye cream. Keyword: find.
10. Drink a glass of water outside of a meal.
11. Do yoga regularly. But I get to decide what regularly means, ha!
12. Unplug for 5 minutes after waking up.

I’ve done this on and off last year and I observed how happier I am if I don’t pick up my phone first thing in the morning. This is quite hard because I’m in a long distance relationship and we like to update each other. Being in different time zones, I get a lot of messages whilst I’m asleep. So in the morning, it’s been a habit to check up on him. The problem is I proceed to scrolling through social media after, instead of snoozing that extra hour or two. I’ve often put myself into that toxic feed and mindset so early in the morning!

13. Do a Facebook detox once a month, unfollow or unfriend if needed!
14. Greet the greeters back.

I used to just stare blankly when being greeted by security guards or cashiers or any customer service person, may it be in retail or otherwise. Maybe the occasional hi and hello, but never often. The past couple of years, I’ve made sure to always greet back. It was my way of giving something nice to the world. Though seemingly unremarkable, the look on their face when you actually greet back, or say thank you, or well, just be polite, is priceless. They also treat you nicer, talk to you nicer, deals with you nicer. I believe, this will then cause a ripple effect. A pay-it-forward kind of thing. And with everything’s going on, bad news here and there, and all the stresses in our lives, it’s nice to be nice. Especially on days when it’s hardest to be nice.

Plus! They always say, you can always tell a person’s attitude in how they deal with people serving them.

15. Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix, again. Keep the sanity in check.
16. Return the many pairs of shoes I “keep” in my car to its closet, at least once a month.
17. Revamp old clothes, bags or accessories. Give them a new life.

I publish a lot of outfits and most of them are newly purchased. If you didn’t hear, I sold a lot of my fashion items during a Christmas bazaar in Cebu last year. And during that time, I discovered a lot of old clothes that needed more wears. So this 2018, I’d like to style old items and incorporate them into looks alongside new trends. Find a way to give them a comeback. For example, bag handle wraps were massive last year. They used to be sold separately but I’ve seen a lot of bags which already had their own handle wraps. And this was first and foremost why I knew of Oh My Bag. It’s a cheap and ingenious way to give your bag a new personality, a new vibe.

Oh My BagOh My BagOh My BagOh My Bag

18. Self-care, first and always.

Last but not the least, self-care. The most important of all. To think deeply is both a blessing and a curse. And while I’ve reaped so many opportunities, created so many, thought of ideas aplenty with this brain. It’s also rather hard to be in it often. Mental breaks are important to me and I’ll continue to do that this 2018. It’s easier to radiate positivity and happiness when you’re actually happy and positive, yourself.

So! What are your resolutions, this year? Do you have an eye cream you can recommend?

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