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What I Wore To South Korea: Retro Rainbow Kick Flares

Last day of our trip and I went for something very comfortable. We will have to wear our last day outfits straight to the airport so I made sure I can sit for 5 hours in it with ease. Whenever I travel, I always put on sweatpants or something that would be non-constricting. And this retro rainbow kick flares were fashionably perfect. Here’s day 6.

What I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

I found this black flared joggers with rainbow trimmings at the side during Penshoppe’s reopening in Ayala. It was love at first sight and although I didn’t get it right away, I went back a couple of times after. Finally, after deciding to get it, it doesn’t have my size anymore. Thankfully, this one doesn’t look big on me but can be saggy at times, so I just had to be careful when sitting. The size up also gave me extra leg space!

Very retro yet unassuming. Something that wouldn’t cause too much attention at the airport. I could very much well pair this with any color from the rainbow but I already owned a red sweater with ruffled hem and neckline. I’m still on the edge when wearing bold colors so I toned it down with my pink leather jacket. Again, with the ruffled cuffs peeking.

This outfit is more edgy than prim so I donned straight hair and a baker boy hat. Plus high cut chucks which were surprisingly comfortable despite that it’s usually constricting. If the flight was longer, I would’ve chosen my Stan Smiths or white sneaks that I could just take off within seconds.

What I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

And that’s day 6. I could’ve have a 7th day, which was what I wore on our flight going to Korea but I didn’t get the chance to photograph it. Maybe on my next travel, yes? Meanwhile, recount my own #SeoulFashionWeek by clicking here:

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

Ron wears…

Bershka leather jacket, H&M red top, Penshoppe kick flares/joggers, Converse classic high cut Chuck Taylors, Forever 21 baker boy hat.

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