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What I Wore To South Korea: The Perfect Autumn Dress

We went to Nami Island on our third day. An island filled with autumnal colors. So I wore the perfect autumn dress, that you may have already seen here, to match with the leaves. Easy and simple. Here’s day 3 in Nami.

Nami Island, South Korea

Dresses are good for transitional weather as they aren’t too bulky and can be paired with leggings if it leans to the colder side of things. You can always remove them if it gets hot during the day.

As it was cold, I added an outer layer which, like the leggings, you can wear or not throughout the day. This is my first ever coat to own and I saw to it that it was something that would work with most of my outfits. You can never go wrong with a black coat and that’s exactly why I chose this. It may be a coat of basic color but it’s far from that. The buttons are gold and the form is military-style. I also love how it contrasts with my autumn dress in style but compliments it well in color.

I, initially, thought of wearing boots that day. But I flipped that decision that morning as I was too scared to be wearing boots three days in a row. I didn’t want to tire my feet too much as we were only halfway through the trip. I opted for the only flats I brought that wouldn’t clash with the colors. Fitted well in pictures, but not so much in reality. By end of day, my white flats were gray and had an outer layer of dust! Thankfully, I easily wiped off the dust. What a horror if it stuck, I was still going to use the flats! Keep that in mind when visiting Nami, wear something dust-proof.

Nami Island, South KoreaNami Island, South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

Ron wears…

Forever 21 dress, Bershka outer leggings, Daiso inner leggings, SM Parisian white flats, Missguided UK military coat, Cotton On beret.

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