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What I Wore To South Korea: Pink Leather Jacket and Ruffled Cuffs

What I Wore To South Korea: Pink Leather Jacket and Ruffled Cuffs

I’m writing 6 mini posts for my What I Wore to Korea series, which I’d like to call my own Seoul Fashion Week, ha! If you haven’t read my first day, I’ve written about it here. Today, however, we move to Everland plus my pink-and-black themed OOTD that I think is exuding cheerfulness and youthfulness (hashtag millennial pink). From pink leather jacket to ruffled cuffs, here’s day 2.

What I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

Day 2 consisted of supposed rollercoaster rides and adventure. (Read my blog here as to how that never came into fruition.) I knew there would be a lot of walking, and standing, and queueing, so I wore boots. Haha It has become fashion over comfort, now. But I feel so stubby wearing mom jeans and cropped shirt combo that heeled boots were my ‘only’ option.

Everland, South Korea

This was one of the first outfits I’ve finished planning. In fact, I own everything already but the leather jacket. Which came to my life as a birthday gift back in March, yay! So yeah, this was ‘complete’ as early as then. You’ve seen the rest of the pieces from my previous blog posts and using them again here with a twist is refreshing. You definitely don’t need an all-new wardrobe every time you go out of the country.

This top is sheer and I would not wear this if not layered. So it was only perfect to include this in my set of layered outfits. I wanted to pair it with the pink leather jacket because the ruffled cuffs peeking out is a detail I’ve found to be fashionably cute. All that was left is what to layer in between the two. I thought it should be black to tie it up with the boots. But I remembered I had this bodysuit with the black lace details and crushed pink velvet bodice. A color combination in line with the pink leather jacket and black boots. As the jacket is cropped, I paired the three-layered top with a high waisted mom jeans. The relaxed fit of the mom jeans worked well in contrast with the fitted body suit, too.

The beret has once again made an appearance, which holds true with most of the pieces I took. I made sure the basics can reused at least twice!

Everland, South KoreaEverland, South KoreaEverland, South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

LOL. That face. I couldn’t help but include as it clearly shows the ruffled cuffs + leather jacket combo I mentioned.

Everland, South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

Ron wears…

Zara sheer top, Pull & Bear bodysuit, Bershka jacket, Topshop mom jeans & boots, Zalora bag.

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