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What I Wore To South Korea: Prince of Wales Check and Metallic Pink

Let’s take a break from Korean travel posts! This one’s quite exciting for me having prepared for weeks, months even, before we flew! A bit over the top, I suppose, but layering is still challenging for me so time to prep is absolutely needed. This week’s worth of outfits gave me a chance to innovate and think outside my tropical box.

I didn’t want to get too irrational and get thick clothes as I wouldn’t be able to use them at home. So layering, of course, is the answer. While also making use of clothes I already own. Here’s Day 1.

What I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

On our first day, we went to DMZ/JSA, the nearest you can ever be to North Korea. A lot of trip reviews gave emphasis to what you should and shouldn’t wear. The DMZ part is not very strict. But apparently, some weren’t permitted to go beyond the JSA tour due to what they’re wearing. I opted for something I’d wear to work. Safe and polite. The oh-so trendy Prince of Wales check blazer on top an all-black turtleneck sweater and trousers combo. I’ve thought of pairing them with black flats but I saw this metallic loafers at Topshop. It was less than half the price and couldn’t help but envision it to give some oomph to my day 1 outfit.

I was anxious days before the trip, asking myself if it is something the soldiers would deem disrespectful. Thankfully, it wasn’t. And I enjoyed the color it gave to my otherwise boring outfit. I added a black beret, which coincidentally is similar to that being worn by Korean soldiers. Plus, simple stud earrings and ring-pendant necklace, nothing obstructive.

You’ll find some of these pieces being reused in the next few days! See you on Day 2.

What I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South KoreaWhat I Wore For Autumn in South Korea

Ron wears…

Bershka Prince of Wales check blazer, H&M top and trousers, Topshop shoes, Cotton On beret.

PS. Apologies for those ugly foot socks, I needed warmth as it was rather cold in autumn! I should’ve gone full stockings, eh? Oops.

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