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The Best of Both Worlds at Lotte World, South Korea

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post about Everland, there are two major theme parks South Korea has to offer. Since we’ve covered Everland, it’s time to go to Lotte World!

Lotte World, South Korea

Through the Seokchon Lake

Lotte World is divided into two sections, the outdoor theme park on an artificial island and the world’s biggest indoor theme park. But before we enjoyed the thrill and adventure, we decided to walk beside the lake where the island is built on. Though we’ve only spent a good 10 minutes, I fell in love with the lake and how serene it is in the middle of the rush that is Seoul. If I decided to live in South Korea one day, albeit far-fetch, I could see myself spend my time here often. Case in point:

Seokchon Lake, South Korea

According to research and photos I’ve seen, Seokchon Lake will be filled with pink cherry blossoms during spring time. Should you find yourself in Seoul by then, this will be one of the places to hunt for it! I think it’ll be beautiful whatever season it is. Best for relieving stress!

Lotte World, South KoreaSeokchon Lake, South KoreaLotte World, South Korea

Magic Island of Lotte World from the sides of Seokchon Lake

Magic Island

Akin to Disneyland’s iconic castle, the Magic Island of Lotte World also has one to welcome you. Behind is packed with rollercoasters, drops, and thrill seekers, mostly school kids. It is so tight that I saw two roller coaster intersect each other, but not quite, where riders will definitely have that near-miss crash feeling. The island feels small from the inside given how much rides and booths they’ve filled it up with.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to ride any of the attractions here because this is where the major ones are found. Major lines were also happening with at least a kilometer each. As much as we wanted to venture into lining up, we were already feeling the fatigue of traveling paired with painful shoes that day so we took it easy.

Lotte World, South KoreaLotte World, South KoreaLotte World, South KoreaLotte World, South Korea

Behind me is Lotte World’s indoor park, taken from the outdoor park’s castle

Guinness World Record-holder, World’s Biggest Indoor Theme Park

What intrigued me the most is their indoor theme park, which I learned is a record holder. The biggest in the world! Four floors and around 30 attractions altogether, it’ll be hard not to find fun and enjoy within. Also, hard to complete all, both indoor and outdoor attractions in just one afternoon! So take a day off if you want to complete that mission.

Shocking Sinbad

We were trying to find the train that would choo choo its way around the indoor park, to the Magic Island then back to the indoor park again (World Monorail). A fun way to ‘scout’ both parks within minutes. But as with Magic Island, the indoor park is also jam-packed and we thought the trains were coming out from the Adventures of Sinbad. There were too many ‘entrances’ so we when we went in, we learned that it was actually a water log adventure! We decided to carry on and find the train later since we’ve already reached the end of line quite fast.

It started out quite innocent, with Sinbad’s story being narrated with robotic figures at the sides. We had the shock of our lives when it went dark and the log started gaining speed then dropped not only once, but twice! What we thought was a ride for kids basically gave us the jolt and thrill we didn’t know we needed!

Age Is Definitely A Number In Theme Parks

After that, we were able to secure our turns in a few more attractions with only 1 needing more than an hour’s wait. We were able to ride a proper roller coaster this time. Complete with sudden drops and 540 degree spins (French Revolution). As well as, board the parachute hanging from the roofs of the indoor park, which was frightening to be honest (Aeronauts Balloon Ride). I learned quick how my fear of heights heightened since my last theme park adventure back in 2013. Erm, I guess it’s safe to say that age mattered that day, haha. We weren’t as brave as we were when we did theme parks back in college. We settled with just sightseeing and eating, instead.

Lotte World, South KoreaLotte World, South KoreaLotte World, South Korea

Skating rink in the middle of the indoor park

Lotte World, South Korea

Shows started at the Garden Stage while we were aboard the parachute (around 5pm), giving us a bird’s eye view of the performances

Lotte World, South Korea

Lotte World vs Everland

It was halloween and a school day, so for the first few hours of our visit, there weren’t much people. Well, at least in the indoor park. The Magic Island was filled with school kids since we arrived given the major attractions are there. But I think it helped that there weren’t a lot of families compared to the weekend we went to Everland.

As with the question, which is better, I’d have to say Everland. It doesn’t feel tight nor too busy. There may be a lot of people when we went (on a Sunday, mind you), but we didn’t brush shoulders with strangers as much as we did in Magic Island. However, should you need a quick fix of adrenaline rush and can only stay within the bounds of the city, then go for Lotte World.

How To Get There and your other questions, answered

Via Line 2 (Green) or Line 8 (Pink), alight at Jamsil Station. Exit 2 or 3 will take you to the lake and Exit 4 will take you to Lotte World.

We secured our entrance tickets through KK Day (same as Everland). You may find more information about Lotte World through Visit Korea. Here’s a quick summary:


N/A (Open all year round)

Operating Hours

09:30-22:00 (Nighttime admission: 16:00~)

* Closing time may vary each day; please refer to the official website.

Admission Fees 
[One-day Ticket]
  • Full day: Adults 52,000 won / Teenagers 45,000 won / Children 41,000 won / Babies 13,000 won
  • After4: Adults 41,000 won / Teenagers 36,000 won / Children 32,000 won / Babies 13,000 won
[Admission Only]
  • Full day: Adults 36,000 won / Teenagers 32,000 won / Children 29,000 won
  • After4: Adults 30,000 won / Teenagers 27,000 won / Children 24,000 won
  • After7: Adults 18,000 won / Teenagers 16,000 won / Children 14,000 won [Magic Pass Premium Ticket]
  • 5-Ride Pass: 30,000 won (Select 5 rides) / Free Pass: 100,000 won (All attractions)

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