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Everland, South Korea’s Largest Theme Park

There are two main amusement or theme parks which come to mind when South Korea is mentioned. These are Lotte World and Everland. And as many articles there are, comparing the two side by side, we just couldn’t decide which is better. So, we chose both. First up, Everland!

Everland, South Korea

Everland is around an hour away from the city center of Seoul. We booked ahead through KKday for a 9am shuttle bus trip from Myeongdong directly to Everland for about KRW 11000 or PHP 510. You may also travel through the underground but this consists of several line changes and countless stops. I’d like to think the shuttle is better so you can rest before the day’s adventure!

Everland, South Korea

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park and expectedly, draws a large number of visitors, as well! We didn’t really have a plan, so to speak, which kind of backfired. You should research beforehand which rides to skip, which to line up for and make sure you allocate at least an hour for queueing. See list of rides here.

Everland, South KoreaEverland, South KoreaEverland, South Korea

Skyway, both ways

Sadly, the most and only exciting ride we’ve had the pleasure to get on twice was the Skyway chairlifts. To think it’s not even considered a ‘ride’ per se but a way of transport from the lower to higher parts of the park. Very sad, indeed! Stunning views, though!

Everland, South Korea

Sat on the skyway chairlifts going up (photo above)… and down (photo below). The only rides we did that day. Sob!

Everland, South Korea

Zootopia: The Lost Valley Safari Adventure

We did enjoy an interactive expedition through Zootopia. Aboard an amphibian car, we saw animals on land and water. Cheetahs, zebras and flamingos are just some that we saw up close. We also got to feed a giraffe!Everland, South Korea

Everland, South KoreaEverland, South KoreaEverland, South KoreaEverland, South Korea

Can you spot the cheetahs chillin’?

I’m not fond of zoos anymore, especially when animals are just caged and basically, put up for gawking. However, Everland made it so that each animal had their space to freely roam around. Of course, with safety precautions for the guests to be able to visit them regularly throughout the day. So yes, it’ll be a guilt-free kind of adventure.

T Express, not so express

We spent more than an hour lining up for the Lost Adventure and it was already lunch when we finished. We basically spent our entire morning with that alone. As you can imagine, lines have also lengthened at every exciting ride there is, so we decided to pick one as a must-ride. Just in case we hit end of day fast, at least, we would be able to ride the most anticipated which is T Express. It’s a wooden roller coaster and world’s steepest ride with a top speed of 104 kph on a 77 degree angle.

Everland, South KoreaEverland, South Korea

I was all nervous and sweaty (though, you can’t sweat much in autumn) only to have the ride close down just when we were about to have our turn! Talk about unlucky! After an hour wait, and probably 20 minutes until our turn, we were ushered out of the area.

Magic Garden

Disappointed and tired, we couldn’t decide anymore which one of the other rides are we going to spend another hour queueing for. We headed to Magic Garden to slow down and take lots of photos. A massive area with different kinds of flora, surrounded by windmills, it will feel like being in Europe.

Everland, South Korea

Everland, South Korea

With the T Express, express heartbreaker, in the background.

Everland, South KoreaEverland, South KoreaEverland, South KoreaEverland, South Korea

Parades aplenty

In our mission to un-remember the heartbreak that is T Express, we managed to watch their parade while queueing for, you guess it, Skyway. Unlike other theme parks, their parades aren’t just a one time thing. We didn’t know this as well, but we stumbled upon 2 of it just within a couple of hours. That’s something you can’t miss, for sure.

Everland, South KoreaEverland, South Korea

Everland Ending

A couple more sightseeing, popcorn stops and watching riders scream, we hit end of day and a sudden temperature drop. We spent the rest of it waiting for our shuttle going back to Myeongdong inside a souvenir shop to keep us warm.

Everland, South KoreaEverland, South Korea

And that was it. I wouldn’t say it was a bad experience because Everland was something special. If anything, it just made me want to go back. Next time, I’ll be bringing with me a fast pass. I think with the number of rides you can do in a day, spending extra on a fast pass is worth it.

Everland, South Korea

Entrance fee prices at KRW 54000 (~Php 2500) for adults but we manage to book a sale deal at KKday for around KRW 35000 (~Php 1600) each. So, try to find deals before you arrive in Korea. Make sure you book online, as well, as ticket lines will also be another set of queueing!

Download a map of Everland here.

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