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What I Wore In August ’17: Sartorial Statements

As you may have (or haven’t, maybe you have better things to do, lol) noticed, I was MIA for the month of August. I barely blogged and my social media updates were way less than usual. Reason being the boyfriend came home to visit, yay! And with that, I got to drive them around town wearing sometimes-ridiculous, often-wearable outfits. I thought I’d compile them and show you some of my favorites. Here are my favorite sartorial statements for the month of August!

Balloon Sleeves and Bright Prints

This has got to be my favorite piece of clothing, right now. Everything about this top makes me kilig. From the bold floral print to the brightest of brights color palette and that gorgeous balloon sleeves. Swoon, really! I would’ve paired it with something plain, like a straight cut denim, but I had none that was not going to clash with the colors. Until I remembered I own this light wash kick flare. There’s fringing at the bottom but I don’t think one more statement would hurt so I went through with it. The light wash neutralized the bright colors of the top and allowed me to add another for my shoes. A white cross body bag or a muted blue handbag would work as well as this muted pink chic backpack that has served me tremendously. Such a good investment, indeed. I would normally pair up off shoulder tops with statement earrings but since this top is already bold enough on its own, I wore my hair down with studs for earrings.

Hype this on LookBook here. H&M top, Next Jeans via Ayala Metro Stores denim kick flares, Mango pointed flats, New Look UK backpack, Bench cat eye sunnies.

What I Wore In August '17: Sartorial StatementsWhat I Wore In August '17: Sartorial Statements

Classic Mix of Gingham and Reds

Black and white will never cease to pair up nicely with reds. This off shoulder number has flared sleeves, yes, another statement sleeves, and a hanging bottom which I didn’t like so I decided to tie it up front and center. Gingham has been one of the big prints this summer and I got to pair it with another trend: mules! I used to be partial with it but have since fallen in love with how accessible mules are. I’m a lazy girl and I don’t have time for ribbons or lace it up styles and this is exactly what I need. Something I can just kick off whenever I want. It also helps that mules have been designed and styled and redesigned by many shops. This one in particular is in red with gold detailing in the center. Perfectly in between classy and casual. Since I put my hair up in a bun (read: lazy), a pair of 4-layers tassel earrings filled up the empty space in my neck and shoulder area and took the spotlight.

Hype this on LookBook here. SM Department Store gingham top, Copper ripped high waisted jeans, Gold Dot red mules, Pull & Bear fluffy clutch bag, Razzle Tassel earrings, Bench cat eye sunnies.

What I Wore In August '17: Sartorial StatementsWhat I Wore In August '17: Sartorial Statements

Slogan Shirt and Diva Flares

Flamboyant and excessive show of what I’m usually not is definitely not my character. And so I always exclaim “I’m such a diva” to friends whenever I do something way beyond necessary, something pretentious. It’s a matter of owning it and laughing at your extra moments, of course. This outfit personifies exactly what I’m talking about. I, without a doubt, often dress safely but man do I love to challenge myself at times by doing the opposite. Red trousers are definitely not a staple nor something I’d wear more than twice a year. Thankfully, this one’s on sale and isn’t too painful for the pockets to invest in. To further the diva-ness of this outfit, I paired it with a seemingly-simple slogan shirt but one with Spanish words, because English is basic, you guys! The combination of straw hat with dark-tinted sunnies make it seem like I’m hiding from paparazzi. Added the statement earrings, pointed mules, and voila, I’m all set. Let your inner flamboyance out once in a while, it’s fun, trust me.

Hype this on LookBook here. Zara slogan shirt, Bershka red ruffled trousers, Gold Dot white mules. H&M hat & sunnies, Razzle Tassel earrings.

What I Wore In August '17: Sartorial StatementsWhat I Wore In August '17: Sartorial Statements

Slogan Shirt But Wait, There’s More

Not just another slogan shirt this one. It has ruffles on the sleeves! I know! How… extra. Yet again. Ha! I, however, went to a wearable route this time. With words “An ironic answer is the best reply“, I paired it up with mom jeans and cinched it up real tight on the waist with a light brown belt. As it is fairly plain in colors, I thought it’d be good to give it an oomph with the help of the red mules, once again. Any cross body bag would’ve worked but this white one ties up well with the shirt and the gold detailing of the mules. Since there’s not much going around the neckline, a straightforward pair of tassel earrings did the trick coupled with a neat low bun and massive sunnies. My favorite ensemble amongst the 6!

Hype on LookBook here. Mango slogan shirt, Topshop Mom Jeans, Gold Dot red mules, Bershka cross body bag, Forever 21 sunnies, Razzle Tassel earrings.

What I Wore In August '17: Sartorial StatementsWhat I Wore In August '17: Sartorial StatementsWhat I Wore In August '17: Sartorial Statements

Sporty, Flirty, Fruity

We went on an adventurous trip to West 35 and zip-lined in the midst of the mountains of Busay. I had a gray with pink trimmings polo shirt planned but we had to reschedule our activities and I was left in an untrue dilemma: I had nothing to wear! I mean, sure, I had options, but there’s always that feeling of betrayal when you already had one in mind and you didn’t get to see it through because of changes. This was sorted out quick when I remembered I had this bodysuit from a couple of seasons ago which coincidentally has a slogan in it. Non-sensical, yes, but letters in pink felt and bold font, that’s something alright. Bodysuits are also helpful when you wear high-waisted bottoms that don’t fit well. You know, those kinds when you sit and it opens up in the back. Bodysuits are your friend for that as they hide your butt crack quite well. Perfect for activities, really! This one opens up in the crotch so no, I don’t have to get naked when I went to pee. On the rare occasion that I didn’t have to drive most of the day, I decided to wear a high cut classic Chuck Taylors. I, then, added a multi-colored scarf to compensate with that low neckline.

Topshop bodysuit, thrifted shorts, Converse shoes, Bershka scarf, Forever 21 sunnies.

What I Wore In August '17: Sartorial StatementsWhat I Wore In August '17: Sartorial Statements

A Little Bit Of Ruching

As with most trends this day, ruching comes back along with off-shoulders, ruffles and flares. Funny thing is, I have no idea where this top is from as I was only borrowing it. I had to stay with the boyfriend and his family because it was more convenient. However, on the day I planned to come home and get more clothes, I couldn’t. Thankfully, his mum rescued me with this top of abstract colors and slightly ballooned sleeves. This is something I wouldn’t get for myself but after wearing it, it has surprised me by how much I loved it. For color combinations that I’m not familiar with, I always turn to denim and whites to neutralize it. You can never go wrong with white shoes, so it wasn’t a hard choice to make. Glad I carried 5 shoes in my car that month. Ridiculous, I know. But I didn’t do it intentionally! Puh-lease! I tend not to return it home, so the more shoes I used, the more shoes I stored in the car. It was a hectic month, guys! Banter aside, the tassel of the mules tied in with the tassels in my ears. All’s well that ends well!

Hype on LookBook here. Borrowed top, Topshop Mom Jeans, Primark mules, New Look bag, Razzle Tassel earrings, Forever 21 sunnies.

What I Wore In August '17: Sartorial StatementsWhat I Wore In August '17: Sartorial Statements

And that’s it! Six sartorial statements for the month of August (and a little bit of July). I loved styling (and wearing, of course) these and how much of which had a key piece to put the spotlight on. They are very trend-led bunch but most of which are wearable and something I’d like for you to try on or get inspired by. Which one’s your favorite?

PS. Special thanks to my fiancé for always being so enthusiastic and willing in taking these OOTDs.
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    Glaiza Binayas
    September 11, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    You’re so gorgeous!! I love all the looks but I love the last one the most. Heh. And yay to boyfriends who take photos of their gfs ❤️❤️

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      September 13, 2017 at 11:28 am

      Awee, thanks, Glaiza!

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    Jean Yu
    September 19, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Love this post, Ron! You look good in all 6 sartorial statements!
    My fave has to be slogan shirt and diva flares. <3

    Best regards,

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      October 2, 2017 at 1:07 pm

      Yay, thanks, Jean!

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