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Come Shop With Me: Online Beauty Finds on BeautyMNL.com

I first became BeautyMNL‘s customer when I began to build my skincare routine following the Korean 10-steps. At the time, there weren’t a lot being sold in local shops and Korean skincare was just starting to gain popularity. Here in the Philippines, anyway. I fell in love with their shop because I never thought a legit beauty one-stop shop carrying many brands existed. Zalora was my go-to for clothes but they barely carry any make up or skincare brands.

A few days ago, they contacted me as a customer to meet up with them and get to know each other. Yesterday, I went and meet them along with 3 other girls and talked about beauty routines. As well as, what we love about BeautyMNL, what improvements we want to see. And which brands we’d like for them to add among the hundreds that they’re currently catering. We had a very lighthearted chat and the fact that they’d fly out and meet us to hear our thoughts was impressive. Apparently, they’ve been doing these little meetings for quite a few times already in Manila, and decided it’d be great to do one in Cebu.

At the same time, they also reached out to me as RDT and to collaborate with them and show you how to navigate around their website and try on some of their products. Obviously, I said yes. I mean, who wouldn’t? I’m already a customer, I love a lot of the products they’re selling, and therefore, it’s a win-win situation, really.


Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you’ll be welcomed to their Shop menu by default. In here, you’ll see a summary of what’s new, trending and the goings-on in BeautyMNL. When I captured these GIFs, it was 7/7 and a 20% off everything promo was happening. Consider me lucky!

A brief summary of their top brands, best sellers, news via their in-store magazine, Bloom, and new arrivals among many will welcome you when you shop.

Bloom Magazine

Before we crack on with the shopping, I want to share a few features they have aside from the products. One is their in-store magazine, Bloom, which publishes articles that may help BeautyMNL buyers. I, particularly, love when they give us tips and tricks on skincare and makeup, especially, for newbies like me. I may despise listicles, because of the clickbait-y nature others have used it for, but BeautyMNL does it good in actually listing products as described on the title. 5 toners that will stop the breakout, 40 Korean brands that have just gone on sale are just a couple that pique my interest.

Beauty By You Reviews

You rarely find shops, now, without a review button, but what I love most about Beauty By You is how detailed some of these reviews are. I, suppose, it is because reviewing on-site has perks. But then, across the beauty universe, I found most are actually helpful in sharing their thoughts given their skin types. So it’s no surprise to get overwhelmed by reviews, especially, when the product is worth it. If  anything, it makes shopping easier as your decision-making has real life basis.

Each customer who has at least one Certified Buyer review gets PHP300 worth of credits for every 30 reviews you successfully complete, until you reach 150 reviews.

Ways To Look for *THAT* Product

Bloom Magazine

There are bajillion ways to look for the product that you’re looking for, or didn’t know you were looking for. As I’ve mentioned, BeautyMNL has an in-store magazine and they list out the products related to the said article at the side. This gives you direct access to each of the products mentioned and that ‘add to cart‘ button.


The site has narrowed down what they can narrow down in categories. Skin care, makeup, hair care, organic, local finds, nails & scents, accessories and essentials are the major categories you’ll find at the top menu. Furthermore, these categories may expand to subcategories which may also expand to more subcategories. Makes your options easier to manage!

Best Sellers

This has got to be my favorite way of window shopping (and erm, accidentally clicking the add-to-cart button). This subcategory may not be specific but it gives you a run down of the products currently being raved about or just generally doing good. If you’re still experimenting with your routine, like me, this is a good way to discover new ones that a lot of people have already tested and loved.

New Arrivals

You may also take that experimentation a notch higher by going through their new arrivals. These products tend to have less reviews but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad. They just need that one person to try and others will follow (or not). This is also a good avenue for your favorite brands to release their other products. We, usually, like what’s familiar and trusted brands are safe bets, so you can be the first to know of that new arrival from an old brand.

Shop by Brands

Speaking of brands, they have a comprehensive list of all the brands they’re carrying. I rarely go through these as it’s a massive, massive list. But when I do have time, it’s nice to discover some brands that they may not have before but have now. Case in point: glossier and origins! I didn’t know they were selling them, already!


Or if you’re a straightforward shopper, and you’re not a weakling like me, you can just directly search for that product you need and voila! A key word and off to checkout you go. Oh, how I envy that. Give me some of your self-control, will you?

Tips and Tricks

Aside from navigating your heart to the product you want, there are also a couple of features to make your shopping more enjoyable.


Click on that Promos menu and read through the best beauty buys you can get currently. These usually entails freebies if you buy a particular product or lowered price if you buy a set.


No need to get disheartened when the product you want is sold out. Okay, maybe a little. But you can always add yourself to the waitlist and get notified once they’ve stocked up.

Come Shop With Me: BeautyMNL

Filter By Brands or By Price

Some categories may still present too many options that it’d be hard to go through each page. Instead, you can filter out which brands you’d like to browse and/or at which price point.


Aside from filtering results, you may also sort these products to get to your desired one easily. It defaults to what’s popular but there’s no shame in that sort by lowest-to-highest game!

Let’s Shop


We have now a complete ran down of what it’s like to shop in BeautyMNL, so… let’s shop! I’m currently finding a good facial cleanser as the one I’m using now smells like rust. I’m not sure if that’s how the product really smells like (peas?) or the it has gone bad. So I go to the SkinCare > Face > Cleansers category and get a handful of pages to browse through. Brands I love normally pop out among the rest plus if it’s currently on sale, or is affordable.

Clean It Zero (Classic) cream cleanser has become my holy grail for removing make up so I was excited to find out that they have foam cleansers now. Fresh (green) and classic (pink) variants are available with the same price. However, I already know the smell of the classic (and I’m hoping it’s the same as the foam cleanser) so I picked the classic variant despite the 4 stars. I read through the reviews and the 1 star was given by someone with sensitive skin. So it may affect others, but thankfully, not me.

I’m also using Pond’s Perfect Care Cold Cream for removing makeup when I travel. I first bought it after Jean recommended it to me. It’s not as bulky as the CIZ jar so it’s perfect for when I’m out of space. A couple other cleansers which caught my eye are Olay’s Regenerist Renewal Cleanser (5 stars, affordable) and Tony Moly’s Aloe Foam Cleanser (5 stars, affordable, but sadly, sold out).

Come Shop With Me: BeautyMNL

Facial Mists and more, more, more

Once I’m done with picking what I need, I went through the best sellers and saw this facial mist from a local brand Beauty Bakery. Both sizes (100mL and 150mL) were on the list so I read the reviews and was convinced. I’ve long tried to find a facial mist but can’t seem to find one that isn’t more than 500 pesos before. This is my first facial mist purchase and I don’t want to invest too much just yet, in case, I don’t like it.

Numerous clicks and review reads later and I’ve finished shopping. You can always review the products you added and get a summary and total to get an idea of how much damage you’ll be making, haha.

And this is my final shopping list:

Come Shop With Me: BeautyMNL

I then proceeded to checkout, they accept multiple modes of payment namely Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Deposit and Cash on Delivery (not all of PH yet, but they’ve just rolled out Cash on Delivery for CEBU, too!). And yes, they accept local Debit Cards, too!

Come Shop With Me: BeautyMNL

Checkout by entering your shipping info, payment and confirmation. They also remind shoppers that no deliveries are made during weekends so schedule your shopping if you need it at a certain time!

Come Shop With Me: BeautyMNL

Aaaand we’re done! Come back when I’ve received the products as I’ll be doing a haul and first impressions blog post, unless you want something else? Then please, let me know in the comments below!

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