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Bohol’s Momo Beach House, The Paradise Less Traveled

I do not like sea travel. I, who has lived on an island for 2 decades, who would get out of the sea last and unwillingly during beach trips, get too anxious when I have to travel by sea. My inability to swim, the odd smell of boat gasoline and how I’d feel mildly claustrophobic are primary culprits. When I first said yes to my first ever blog trip out of Cebu, I was beyond ecstatic and grateful. Finally! My blog is going somewhere, I thought. It wasn’t until a few days before when it dawned on me that I’d have to get on a boat. I even asked a co-blogger if she wanted to take my part, instead, but she couldn’t. So I woman up and packed and woke up at 4 in the morning to travel to Bohol.

Momo Beach House, Bohol

The Road Less Traveled

It was raining sporadically that week and that didn’t help my case. Thankfully, the seas were calm when we cruise through and I was able to nap despite the silent jitters I was having. We arrived in Bohol with glaringly bright clouds as the sun wasn’t keen on meeting us, yet. But our designated driver was, so off we go to Momo Beach House in Panglao. You can count my trip to Bohol with one hand and so, the views weren’t new to me. Until we took a turn on an unpaved road and the van was driving through what seemed to me was a rarely visited forest.

A few minutes of driving through the uneven road, we couldn’t help but comment on it. The driver then told us a story of how he picked up a group at 9PM. As you would expect, it felt scary and confusing. Being in the middle of nowhere, it could be hard to figure out where he was taking them. They joked that there were 5 of them and only 1 of him to even try anything shady, haha.

Momo took me to Bali

Momo Beach House, Bohol

Arriving in Momo Beach House made me understood of why we went through all that. It was a paradise so hidden that you might as well think you’re renting the whole place exclusively. Their lovely staff welcomed us and gave us pandan water refreshments. I think back, now, and I wished I finished all of the drink before checking in. An open-air hut called Beach Tree Cafe greeted us, which served to be their main lounge and lobby, with quaint sofas and rustic details. From there, you’ll be able to see two 2-level houses of rooms in between coco trees and greeneries. A small but endearing pool sits in the middle which reminded me of Bali. I haven’t been but whenever I see a photo, it’s usually of greens surrounding a pool. And Momo’s pool was exactly that.

Momo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, Bohol

Momo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, Bohol

Am I in Santorini?

We, then, went to our rooms and I was Instagrammably excited! If that even is an adjective, most likely not. But the whole place was so charming that it’s hard not to fall in love easily. I was talking about Bali earlier, but the room took me to another famous travel point. Whitewashed wood balcony, a wall of blue, a bed frame of rattan painted white reminded me of the blue-domed churches in Santorini.

They offered the basics; air-conditioning, cable TV, towels and toiletries, tables and chairs, and even good WiFi. Mariana, my roomie, and I’s room was called Aqua Blue One. I peeked at Doyzkie and Marco’s room and they were in a yellow one of similar interiors, just a different color palette.

Momo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, Bohol

Boodle Fight For Lunch

Momo Beach House, Bohol

It wasn’t long until we were called for lunch. A variety of viands and rice were laid on banana leaves with a soup in a pot at the center. A boodle fight is common among Cebuanos, and it was exciting to learn that it is, as well, in Bohol. For anyone not familiar, you and your boodle fight-mates will basically share the whole table and eat barehanded. No cutleries, just you, your hands and the delicious food. Viands are usually of dry nature as it is served on leaves, but Momo served ours with soup which we drank from a mini bowl.

Momo Beach House, Bohol

In Momo Beach House, you can book a boodle fight by the shore without having to stay at the place. So if you’re looking for a serene place to gather with your friends and family, this could be it!

Siesta Time is Kayak Time?

Momo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, Bohol

Filled up with good food, we went back to our rooms and freshened up. I changed to a bikini and a cover up as the beach and weather was too glorious to miss. The clouds parted and the sun decided he’d give us a good time.

My CFB loves and I, without planning, met at the beachfront and decided to kayak under the sun! If you haven’t forgotten yet, I’m not good at swimming. Marco had to paddle us both, I at the front, on a two-person kayak boat. They teased me the whole time whenever we go at the deeper parts of the beach. I’d go silent and they would laugh but great fun and no regrets was had. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the opportunity to be in awe of how clear the waters are. The fishes were rare but you could see the beautiful corals amongst the white sand and seaweed underneath.

Momo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, Bohol

Pasta, Pizza and a Bonfire

A good amount of taking photos and just purely enjoying the resort was spent in the afternoon. Unluckily, it became cloudy again and we weren’t able to take could’ve-been-real-good sunset photos.

Momo Beach House, Bohol

But alas, the night came and we were invited to have dinner with a bonfire crackling nearby. They had an outdoor oven and we had pizza as first entree. I’ve never had pizza with shrimps before! I love melted cheese and shrimps are my favorite seafood, so it was my perfect pizza. Pasta was served, as well, and although it was also delicious, I did not eat more. I stuffed my face with too much pizza already that I couldn’t bring myself to eat more carbs. With the exception of carbs from mango float, of course. Ahh! I was beyond excited to see the dessert was not chocolate, but instead one of my favorites, too. Their mango float has the right amount of sweetness and juicy mangoes that I finished 2 and a half. Oops.

Good chats over good food had to end as we started yawning. After almost 20 hours of travel and fun, I slept straight for 9 hours.

Good Morning, Momo

Momo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, Bohol

Birds chirping and a faint sound of the waves crashing onto the shore was what I woke to in my Momo morning. It was also a sunny Saturday, thankfully! We headed to Beach Tree Cafe (their main lounge) where a breakfast buffet is being served. Pandesal, fluffy pancakes, fresh fruits, cereals and fresh juices were just some of the breakfast items. They also served Bohol’s version of longanisa, less sweet than that of Cebu’s, dried danggit and squid, eggs and rice. There was also coffee and native hot choco (sikwate in our dialect) for those who prefer hot drinks in the morning.

It’s always funny to eat around bloggers because you never start any meal promptly. After good photos were taken and we were all satisfied with our flatlays, that’s when he had our hearty breakfast.

Momo Magic

Momo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, BoholMomo Beach House, Bohol

As with all good things, our magical stay in Momo Beach House had to end. I did not expect it to be so relaxing because, well, I still consider blogging events to be work. But it’s hard not to as you will, literally, be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No parties nearby, no loud music. An ideal place for those who seek tranquility without necessarily getting disconnected. We were taken cared of by attentive staff. We partook food that could compete with high-ranking city restaurants. And we basked in the pristine nature that Momo Beach House has carefully enhanced.

It isn’t the Bali or Santorini vibes that made it so beautiful, it was truly and simply Momo Beach House’s own magic that makes it indeed a paradise less traveled.

Book your Momo Beach House visit through:
Telephone: +63-2-553-9549
E-mail: inquiries@momobeachhouse.com
Address: Barangay Bil-Isan, Momo Beach 6340 Panglao, Bohol
Facebook: facebook.com/MomoBeachHouse


Peak Season: Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Easter
High Season: November to May
Lean Season: June to October

Standard Room: 2 pax, 16sqm, Php 5400 (Peak), Php 4900 (High), Php 4400 (Lean)

  • Perfect for couples and backpackers, MBH has 10 standard rooms which offer one queen-sized bed and hot & cold shower

Deluxe Room: 3 pax, 40sqm, Php 7300 (Peak), Php 6800 (High), Php 6300 (Lean)

  • Well suited for a small group of friends or a family of three, MBH has 4 deluxe rooms which offer one queen-sized bed, a day bed, small living area and hot & cold shower

Family Room: 6 pax, 35 sqm, Php 10800 (Peak), Php 10300 (High), Php 9800 (Lean)

  • Ideal for big groups or families of four to six adults with three queen-sized beds and hot & cold shower


  • Extra person charge: Php 1008 net per night, applicable to deluxe and family room only
  • Families traveling with children are advised to book a deluxe or family room
  • Children 11 years old and below are free of charge, no extra bed will be provided


  • Overnight accomodation
  • Welcome drink
  • Daily set breakfast at the Beach Tree Cafe
  • Drinking water in the room
  • Use of swimming pool
  • Use of kayak, paddle board, beach volleyball, and badminton at the resort
  • Optional transfers: Php 700 nett per person roundtrip
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