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Countryside Girl

Country Girl

I’m a big fan of vintage clothing, specifically those dainty dress of 1940’s.This pretty much started with (500) days of Summer as I fell in love with her wardrobe in that film, oh my goodness. Since then, I’ve always wanted to ride on my bike with an intricate chignon, flowers in my basket, with the autumn leaves falling down as I go through an empty road towards the park to have a picnic and read a book. But alas, we do not have autumn, nor a road to bike towards a park, nor can I do anything that resembles a chignon. Hence, for now, I’ll settle with dressing up for my imaginary picnic.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect frock with a button down front that has a good skirt for a graceful twirl. I, initially, found one in Vero Moda except they didn’t have my size anymore. A few window shops later, I found this eye-catching mustard dress in Forever 21. It helps that it has the most gorgeous pleating and lace details up front plus a short mutton sleeve. It drew me like it was calling me, somehow, whispering words of love.. I mean, what. I’m not going crazy, I swear. Anyway. Obviously, I bought it, zuh. And here we are, one mustard dress poorer later.

Country GirlCountry Girl

As basket bags are the craze right now, this one played impeccably into my picnic dreams. I, then, added a straw hat to match which may not be of ‘vintage’ vibe but it screams of summer and picnic, all too well. Since mustard is already too strong a color, I did not repeat or attempt to match it but, instead, tone it down with whites. A pair of cream tasseled earrings (another budding trend) and the classiest white mules I’ve seen and now, owned was perfect to balance off the mustard.

I love how the ensemble alludes an air of class but is also endearing and ‘cute’ at the same time. I wish it had better waist details, or I could’ve accessorized it with a belt, otherwise, it was enough for me to go through the notions of being Summer for a day.

Country GirlCountry GirlCountry GirlCountry GirlCountry GirlCountry GirlCountry GirlCountry GirlCountry Girl

Ron wears…

Forever 21 dress, Gold Dot mules, Razzle Tassel earrings, Parfois bracelet, aggy.ph hat, SM Kultura bag.

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PS. Thanks to Jean Yu for taking my photos!

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