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My Day with Huawei, Stories in Modern Portraiture

I take pride in the photos I publish in this little blog of mine. You can tell my personality from my photos and how I present it to you because I’ve always loved to tell stories from these stills. I was absolutely joyous to have been invited by Huawei Philippines to their Behind Portrait Photography: Evoking Beautiful Stories Through A Modern Portrait Photography Workshop to learn more about photography, mobile in particular.

My Day with Huawei

We were given tips and a brief lecture by photographer Veejay Villafranca in taking stunning portraits.

There are 3 types of portraits; (1) Straight which is taking a photo of an animated object up front and straightforward, (2) Environmental which portrays the subject in his/her/its natural element, be it at work or a story and (3) Create which involves more of the brain to use illusion or concealment or different types of angles that would still depict the subject as the center of the image. His tips to take a good portrait are clarity, composition (rule of thirds), careful arrangement of the subject, form and the use of light.

My Day with HuaweiMy Day with Huawei

Huawei collaborating with Leica was such a smart move, indeed, as Leica already established themselves as one of the biggest players in the photography industry. I was impressed with how sharp the images are, the color and intensity of each photo we took using Huawei’s P10. If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to edit your photos, the P10 and P10 Plus does it for you, as it already has good saturation and multiple camera modes to suit your needs. From photo enhancement, to color and monochrome bokeh, plus a wide-angle and portrait option, there will be a camera mode for you. I’ve only spotted one weakness and that is their bokeh mode doesn’t accurately apply the blurred edges of the background compared to a DSLR or perhaps, iPhone’s depth effect. But all in all, it’s a sound investment to those who wants to try out mobile photography.

Here are some of the raw images that Katrina, Mariana and I took using the newest Huawei P10:

My Day with Huawei

Even in low-light, colors registered well!

My Day with HuaweiMy Day with Huawei

Look at that sharpness! You can literally see my pores and the texture of my top!

My Day with HuaweiMy Day with Huawei

My favorite picture, playing with complementary colors, green and violet, and Huawei making this photo the definition of vibrancy!

My Day with HuaweiMy Day with HuaweiMy Day with HuaweiMy Day with Huawei

Awesomely taken by Katrina! Such good use of lighting with that flare. I also love the fact that my face did not darken despite being slightly against the light.

My Day with Huawei

Another favorite of mine, which I took, is this photo of Mariana poised under a glorious warm natural light, playing with shadows and clean lines.

What I Wore

My Day with HuaweiMy Day with HuaweiMy Day with HuaweiMy Day with Huawei

Ron wears…

Let’s Stylize (via Emporium) flared top, Uniqlo high-waisted fitted jeans with fringe hem, Pull & Bear block heels, H&M drawstring bucket bag.

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