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Flares and Florals

Mactan Newtown Staycation

This is what I wore to our recent staycation in Mactan Newtown. Just a quick ensemble to throw on as a bikini cover up.

Surprisingly, this is my first summer post with something floral. As you may know, it’s my go-to print. Whenever I shop, it’s usually the florals that entices me and breaks my bank. This top, I got from one of Forever 21’s buy 1 take 1 sales. I, almost always, make sure that what I’m taking is equal or, at least, very near to the higher price point. So, I got this and a kimono, at equal price, for 800. Individually, I wouldn’t get them with that price but you know how sales manipulate your psyche, haha, they’re too good to not get for just 400 each. It has quite a deep plunging neckline, so when I bought it, I’ve always known that it’s going to have to cover something. For summer, it could be a bandeau or strappy bikini top. For other occasions, it could be a lace tube top. What really sold me are the cute flares right at the cuff. Flares and balloon sleeves are very trendy as of late, and I’m very much into it. I love how it gives a flirty silhouette.

Denim shorts is a no-brainer for any occasion, it works perfectly for summer. I got this from Bershka during the mid-season sale for only 200 pesoses, what a bargain, amirite? It has real pockets (yep, I know!) and fringed hem, fringe being one of the trends, as well, this year. A caveat, however, is that garterized anything isn’t good as a cover up. It created marks on my otherwise okay skin. I mean, I’m not flawless but it felt weird to expose my tummy with garter marks on them, haha. But oh well, that didn’t stop me from stripping down! Thankfully, it went away after an hour or two.

As for my bikini, it’s a two-piece version of that trendy scalloped swimsuit. I have the one-piece that I haven’t worn (that you can read here; if you’re interested, I’ll sell it to you, lol). I choose my bikini depending on the top. I’m not gifted at all with my, uhm, chest size, so I usually go for ones that doesn’t need cleavage exposure because I have none of that, duh. If you have observed, my last couple of bikini OOTDs are both in triangular shapes (razor back / haltered), it helps covering up what I want to cover up front. This, however, isn’t a triangle but it has enough chest coverage that it doesn’t compromise anything. The straps also has adjustments so it will work for both small and big busts. Another thing, hanging type tops or ruffles add volume, therefore it gives a good illusion up there.

Just a reminder though: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with small chests or small hips or whatever insecurity you may have. It’s good to embrace them AND then work around them… or not, if you don’t want to and just full on embrace them and wear whatever you want, good on ya! Do not limit yourself into being unable to express yourself through clothing because of these insecurities. For years, I would never ever touch a bikini. I’ve actually only started embracing my body recently and it’s quite liberating. Knowing that everyone else has their own insecurities also helps, so, less judgment on others and less judgment to oneself, hmmkay?

Anyhoo. I threw on some old sunnies and white sandals to contrast my black top. Plus, put up my hair into Leia buns, just because. And that’s it! Quick and ready to dip!

Mactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown StaycationMactan Newtown Staycation

Ron wears…

Natural Beauty bikini, Forever 21 floral cropped top & sunnies, Bershka fringe hem shorts, Mendrez criss-cross flats.

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