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Have Wine and Dine at The Pyramid

The Pyramid, Cebu

So much hype went around Cebu when renders of this establishment went viral on Facebook. However, it wasn’t obvious what it’s going to be at the time, people just knew it will be in IT Park and it will be an exciting structure to visit. I, even, remember hearing stories that it will be a chapel, because it actually looks pristine and perfect for weddings. A few weeks ago, it finally became clear what it’s going to be when the folks at The Pyramid invited me on a bloggers’ night to have a preview of their menu and the place itself.

To say it’s beautiful is an understatement. From the design to the furniture and lightings, everything seems to exist with modern art on mind. It’s almost as if I was flown to Paris to see the Louvre, but even better because I can have wine and dine inside! With a selection of liquor and surprisingly affordable dishes, The Pyramid will surely be Cebu’s next big thing.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick trip inside!

The Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, Cebu

Their cellar is a small area housing a wide variety of liquor, maintained in an appropriate temperature.

The Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, Cebu

Sophisticated furniture and warm lighting creates that ambience perfect for cozy chats.

The Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, Cebu

Barbie and Mickey. Very modern art, no?

The Pyramid, Cebu

Croissants, macaroons, cheesecake, cold cuts and cheeses, pasta, salads and a continental breakfast are just some of the delectable but cheap offerings at The Pyramid.

The Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid Cebu

It’s gorgeous inside at twilight as the sun bids goodbye and there’s so much light going in because of the massive triangular window. But it is most beautiful at night when the lights play around outside and gives warmth inside.

The Pyramid, CebuThe Pyramid, Cebu

Behind The Pyramid are these tiny bulbs formed in swirls.

The Pyramid, Cebu

There are a couple of glass-covered balconies on each side where you can mingle with your friends in private.

The Pyramid Cebu

A few days after our secret visit, The Pyramid finally opened to the public. They are open daily from 4 in the afternoon until 2 in the early hours of dawn at West Geonzon Road, Lahug 6000 Cebu City or across eBloc 3 inside Cebu IT Park. But wait, there’s more! Starting on May 20, they’ll be open from 11:00 am – 3:00 am!

You may like their Facebook page for updates and if you have any other inquiries! I’m expecting to see you at The Pyramid!

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