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Sunset Kiss

Sunset Kiss

Orange is a color I never thought I’d like. It is intimidating, and for years, I was taught morenas can never wear bright colors as it would make us darker. As you may know, dark skin isn’t embraced well in this country, glutathione and whitening products take most of the shelves in the skincare section, until only recently. I’ve seen quite a few products celebrating all kinds of skin complexion. With that, I also started embracing my skin and started donning what I would’ve said no to, years ago.

Sunset Kiss

The color of sunset to mark the end of a summer’s day, orange was perfect against the cerulean waters now turning dark. As with my previous summer style post, botanics and stripes is the starting point of this look in a form of a bikini. I, then, paired this bikini with an all-white denim skirt with fringes. White is neutral and works naturally well during spring and summer.

In contrast to this pristine skirt, I wore a bright and almost-burnt orange lace-up flats, with fringes and tassels for added flair. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not fond of gladiator-like sandals and I suppose it still stays true. After this look, I will probably cut off the tassels as I’m not really quite sure how to style it. After a couple of hours, it loosens up and turns into a tangled mess on my ankles. Do you have any tips aside from lacing it up too tight for it to stay put?

Moreover, a summer scarf is just what I needed to accessorize my hair, but I’m not quite sure if I did it right. A low bun? A ponytail? Or as a headband with my hair down? How would you style your hair with a scarf?

A couple more accessories and I deemed this outfit absolute, a Filipino handmade woven basket plus a trendy tinted sunglasses. Taking a classic and modern approach both of which scream summer.

Sunset KissSunset KissSunset KissSunset KissSunset KissSunset KissSunset KissSunset Kiss

Thought it would be cool to pose in yoga poses, not considering the 2-week absence I did from the mat, haha.

Sunset KissSunset Kiss

Ron wears…

Bikini from Natural Beauty Bath & Body Shop, skirt from H&M, sandals from Forever 21, bag from Kultura by SM, colored glasses from aggy.ph, accessories from Parfois.

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    sam collin
    May 8, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:)

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