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Start Your Own Breakfast Club at Circa 1900

Breakfast at Circa 1900

Circa 1900 became a constant within the food scene in Cebu. At one point, it felt like everybody has been but me. Stars aligned and I got an invite to try their newest offering, daily breakfast for everyone! Yes, you read that right, this picturesque venue of olden and golden days is opening their doors to welcome you from 7:30 to 10 in the morning for your first meal of the day.

Casa Uno and Dos

While everyone’s asleep, you could be prancing around the compound, taking photos of these two well-preserved heritage. Surrounded by greens and a few blossoms, you’ll surely take yourself back to simpler times in these typical Filipino ancentral homes turned restaurants.

Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900Breakfast at Circa 1900


Casa Dos offers a variety of breakfast meals from healthy picks of fruits, rolled oats or organic eggs to hearty, mostly-Filipino style dishes of longaniza, tapa and more.Breakfast at Circa 1900

Egg-citing times were had as eggs were served aplenty, along with typical Filipino breakfast combinations and some unique ones. I woke up that day without knowing Crocodile Tocino and Ostrich Tapa existed, let alone that I’d be eating them that morning. However, I’m glad I did as they were definitely unique, rare in the city (good for those who wants to have foodventures) and surprisingly delectable.

For our friends who have allergies or who are taking a break from preservatives, they offer organic eggs cooked to your liking. As with most eggs offered, you may have them poached, scrambled, fried or boiled. These eggs are directly sourced from our local Cebuano farmers and made sure the chickens weren’t fed or injected by ‘enhancers‘. Though expensive, it’s a good treat to your body whilst indirectly giving support to local farmers, as well.

I rarely eat breakfast but I love fruits, so I was keen on trying their selection of tropical ones which you can smother with honey or strawberry citrus dip. This way you can finish your savory meal with a sweet mango or juicy watermelon, plus some fresh mango juice if you’re not already having coffee.

If you’re constantly on the grind and needs a break from the city without actually driving away from it, then Circa 1900 is the place to be and breakfast is the time to visit. Have the peace and calm while you eat your heart away, and then, maybe have a quick dip at their pool after.

Breakfast at Circa 1900

HUNGRYEggs Any Style (2 Eggs – Poached, Scrambled or Fried) with Hash Browns, Beef Sausage, Bacon, Sauté Garlic Mushrooms, Roast Tomato & Toast for Php 375

Breakfast at Circa 1900

PINOYFried Eggs & Garlic Rice with Homemade Beef Tenderloin Tapa, Longaniza but you can have your choice of 2 items among these: Homemade Beef Tenderloin Tapa, Longaniza, Homemade Chicken Tocino or Danggit for Php 270

Breakfast at Circa 1900

INDULGEEnglish Muffin with Salmon Gravlax & Creamy Scrambled Eggs for Php 315

Breakfast at Circa 1900

ORGANIC 2 Fresh Organic Eggs (Boiled, Fried, Poached or Scrambled) Served with Thick Cut Wholemeal Toast for Php 185

Breakfast at Circa 1900

Crocodile Tocino for Php 295

Breakfast at Circa 1900

Ostrich Tapa for Php 295

Breakfast at Circa 1900

FITSliced Fresh Tropical Fruits with Honey & Strawberry Citrus Dip for Php 195

Breakfast at Circa 1900

The ladies who breakfast. Issa, Keisee, Jean and Mariana celebrated the morning with me at Circa 1900.

Breakfast at Circa 1900

Behind the scenes: tryna get that flatlay, as you should.

Breakfast at Circa 1900

Circa 1900: Casa Dos Breakfast Menu: You can find them at Sanjercasvil Road, Gorordo Avenue
6000 Cebu City or contact them via their Facebook page.

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