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Playing Around Asia’s Biggest Inflatable Playground

Summer outings are in season, and we just had ours, yesterday! Now that I remember, I still owe you last year’s in Bellevue, Bohol. But hey, here’s a quick photo-diary of my weekend.

Weekend in Subic

Take off! Cebu from thousands of feet up the sky.

Weekend in SubicWeekend in Subic

Touchdown, MNL.

Weekend in Subic

After a 4-hour bus ride from NAIA, we arrived at the Inflatable Island in Subic Bay waters via Samba Bluewaters resort.

Map courtesy of Inflatable Island‘s website. More from their website:

The Inflatable Island is the biggest floating playground in Asia. At 3,400 sqm, it’s as big as 8 basketball courts put together side by side. It contains inflatables slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings and so much more!

You may book online for entry to the inflatable island to save 10%. There’s a 2-hour pass (Php 699), half-day pass (Php 999) and whole-day pass (Php 1,399). However, all passes include access to Samba Bluewater, their Bali-inspired lounge and Floating Zoo. They, also, have package deals of Cabana + Inflatable Island Passes depending on the number of person. You can add a hundred to a whole-day pass and get a Cabana, as well. For more information, click here for the Cabana + Entry Passes deals, here for Entry Passes only deals.

We were able to spend the whole day at the resort, and at the inflatable playground. In fact, I’m writing this while aching all over my body. I, and 2 of my colleagues, have stayed to complete 80% of the playground whilst others went ahead and ended their playtime after at least 3 hours (as a normal person should).

Most courses are challenging and if you’re afraid of heights, some obstacle courses aren’t for you. I do get anxiety while up high, but because I’m stubborn, I still try despite the deafening sound of my heartbeat. The highest point was on top of Rock Climbing, there’s that anxiety whilst rock climbing (woo arm strength) and anxiety while staying on top, readying to plunge. I love the slides, as nostalgia would have it, I’ve always loved them. I also loved cheating on other courses. I mean, beat the system, you guys. 7 + 3 and 8 +2 equals 10, I’m pretty sure the only goal is to pass through them without falling down the salty waters. We decided to end our playtime at the Giant Tarzan Swing, which we wanted to do first. Frankly, it was a bit underwhelming after coming down Rock Climbing.

No worries for those who, like me, don’t know how to swim. Everyone is required to wear a life vest. I, also, suggest you wear rash guard + leggings combo (which I did). It protected my knees and elbows whilst trying to scoot and slide, navigating through the playground. A few more reminders during the orientation will be announced such as no zippers, jewelry or sharp objects, gadgets (cameras) are allowed but selfie-sticks must maintain at 1 foot length only. There are guides in each obstacle course, they’ll make sure you’re playing safely and occasionally gives you pep talk, haha.

Weekend in SubicWeekend in Subic

The Bali-inspired lounge is on a first-come, first-stay basis. All entry passes allow use of the lounge.

Weekend in Subic

You may use these trendy inflatables, as well.

Weekend in SubicWeekend in Subic

The day ends with a gorgeous red-orange sunset in Samba.

Weekend in SubicWeekend in SubicWeekend in Subic

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