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From Day: Burgundy Blooms

From Day: Lace It Up

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my first day-to-night look. It actually excites me because I do it often in real life plus how it’s not just about the appearance but also, functionality. This ensemble looks rather intricate but you only need a couple of things to change to make it ready for a dinner out.

The reason why models and celebrities alike look good even on an casual day out is because they put their entire look well together and that includes hair styling. Well, they probably have hair stylists, but! We, often, overlook this detail and get lazy by putting up a ponytail or a messy bun. More often than not, we need to do more than just that and put effort to making our tresses into a crowning glory. My hair’s thick and inconsistently wavy making it hard to style. I may even need a whole can of hairspray and hundreds of bobby pins for it to stay in place.With enough practice and research for hair styles that will suit my hair length and volume, I got better at it. Since my dress has a high-neckline, a low bun is perfect, but how do I make a regular low bun interesting? I started braiding one side, adding locks of hair every criss-cross. I, then, put all of them, including the braid, into a ponytail. Once I secured it in place, I transformed it into a low bun and added a bow just to hide my mess. I can make it look pretty but I can only do so much and hiding pins and elastics isn’t one of ’em, sadly.

I found this dress on one of Forever 21’s sale. Surprise, surprise! I think I only shop discounted clothes nowadays, as you should, haha. This sheer burgundy number with bold pink florals was a love at first sight. I love both color and print but I became uncertain when I saw the front lace up detailing. I avoid anything that exposes a lot of my chest or requires ‘cleavage‘ like plague. Thankfully, I tried it on and was delighted that it didn’t really show much skin because of the lacing itself. The ribbons I created did not just draw the front panels together but also, hid the opening that could’ve been. To play matchy-matchy with the dress, I took the color of the flowers as reference to my chic backpack and sneaks. If it’s too ‘pink‘ for you, olive green would work, too.

Casual and delicate at the same time, this is my burgundy blooms daytime look. Later, tonight, we’ll change it up a bit ready for a night out. See ya, then!

From Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It UpFrom Day: Lace It Up

Ron wears…

Forever 21 dress, Pull & Bear sneakers, New Look bag, Forever 21 accessories.

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