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Eating Poop at Modern Toilet in Ximending, Taipei

Themed restaurants are big hits in Taiwan. Reviewing our itinerary spreadsheet now, we listed 4 to visit. There’s a Barbie themed restaurant, one for Hello Kitty, one that feels like being in one of the largest planes without actually taking off which is the A380 Sky.

Quick side note: I didn’t know about A380 back in March last year until I boarded one in September when I left the UK for Cebu. It’s a two-storey plane! I know! How far have mankind gone in aerospace technology.. but here we are, debating whether that dress is gold & white or black & blue. SMH.

Modern Toilet is one of the recommended themed restaurants, and one of the highest rated online. The other themed restaurants may only be good for snacks, but Modern Toilet offers meals and desserts. We didn’t book ahead but thankfully, there were available seats when we arrived. If you’re sensitive and cannot deal with too much poop-like designs, then you will not survive in this place. We were welcomed with toilets, poops and toilet signs. We sat on a toilet, we read a poop-shaped menu and the table has basins with poop underneath the glass. Even the sink is toilet shaped! So yes, you will dine with poop everywhere, the friendly not-smelly kind.

As with most restaurants in Taiwan, each customer must order at least 1 item from their menu. Most of us got the hot pots, to counter the cold night, one of us got a classic chicken meal. All of these are in a set meal where you also get a tea and chocolate ice cream for dessert. I wish they had other flavors because I don’t eat chocolate, but I suppose it needs to be chocolate for it to look like poop. I think it’d be weird to have a strawberry-colored one.

Modern Toilet, Taipei, TaiwanModern Toilet, Taipei, TaiwanModern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

Check out their online menu here.

Modern Toilet, Taipei, TaiwanModern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

Not for the faint-hearted and weak stomach!

Modern Toilet, Taipei, TaiwanModern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan
Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

Delicious hot pot! If I were actually hungry at the time, I would’ve downed all of this. It would’ve helped too if it wasn’t boiling for a long time. Perfect for cold nights!

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

They’re not joking with their toilet theme, this mini toilet weigh a couple of kilos! Cleverly, they utilized the basin underneath the actual bowl / plate where the food is set to continuously heat up the food. I’m not particularly sure if it’s just a candle since the fire was quite strong to keep our hot pots boiling.

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

One of the classic chicken meals served on a white mini ceramic toilet. 

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

Part of the set meal and how they started the business is this poop-shaped chocolate ice cream in a mini squat toilet!

How To Get There

There are 3 branches in Taiwan and one in Mainland China, but since the Ximen branch is at the heart of the Ximending Night Market, it would be convenient to hit two birds with one stone. Eat good poop food and have a stroll (and shop) around one of their best night markets!

  1. Take the Bannan (blue) Line.
  2. Alight at the Ximen station.

Website: moderntoilet.com.tw

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