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TaoYuan Beef Noodle Soup in Taipei, Taiwan

Taoyuan Beef Noodle Soup, Taipei, Taiwan

I’m writing this sick in my bed, craving for some hot soup to take me away from this misery that is coughing my heart out, clogged nose and sore throat. If, right now, you can breathe easily and swallow food without pain, I’d like you to find it in yourself to appreciate this convenience. Haha! This beef noodle soup would’ve been very good for my soul tonight, but alas, I’m not in Taipei, no more. What is ramen to Japan, beef noodle soup is to Taiwan. Or at least, that’s my impression of it. Regardless, this one’s not to miss!

TaoYuan is a municipality neighboring Taipei but there’s a little TaoYuan street in Taipei where rows of old hole-in-the-wall line up, most of them claiming to be the original beef noodle soup shop. It could get a bit intimidating when they start talking to you in Chinese, persistently beckoning you to come visit their noodle shop, but I was trying to find this one shop where tens of ‘my childhood revolved around this’ kind of good restaurant. There were no instructions which specific shop and the only thing I had was the menu display. Our first attempt was a fail, as they did not serve noodle soup (facepalm, I know), but they kindly guided as to the one we were looking for.

The restaurant is small and something you wouldn’t see at first because the door is at the side facing a narrow alley instead of the main road. We were sat, still with no idea if this was the one with good reviews but since we didn’t really have options, we went with the flow. Each of us ordered 1 beef noodle soup. And boy, after a long walk and search, it was definitely worth it. The beef was so tender, it will melt in your mouth! The clear broth was just the right amount of spicy and salty! We saw other tables to have a common dish, so we inquired what it was and apparently it was short ribs, which didn’t look like one to us. I, initially, thought it was similar to a dimsum pork steamed rice which they serve here in Cebu. It’s a mixture of short ribs and rice, packed into a small steamer basket. We only ordered one for the four of us, which was enough.

Try your luck and have this hearty meal at No. 16, Taoyuan Street, Zhongzheng District. We got there by walking from 2-28 Peace Park which is located outside the NTU Hospital station via the Tamsui-Xinyi (Red) line.



Taoyuan Beef Noodle Soup, Taipei, Taiwan



Taoyuan Beef Noodle Soup, Taipei, Taiwan



Taoyuan Beef Noodle Soup, Taipei, Taiwan

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