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My Favorite Sunrise

If you’ve seen my recent posts for the past month, you’d know that I went to the United Kingdom. On my way there, I wrote a personal note on my phone and thought it’s time to share it with you. From here on out, I will be writing about my most recent adventure in the UK. So here’s me from the past:

I am writing this on my phone without WiFi, 30 000 ft above Istanbul. But by the time you read this, I would’ve landed in Manchester, already. (Uhm, present Ron here, I’m actually in Cebu now, lol.) Yes, this is my secret project that I wanted to shout to the worlds but couldn’t out of, well, fear of jinxes. Anyhow, that’s besides my point.

I haven’t written something personal in a while and this is probably a pointless one to you… but I’m ecstatic! You see, I’ve only witnessed this twice in my life, so far. And yet, this has been one of my favorite views, ever.

I remember, back in 2013, on my 12-hour flight to London, I woke up to a sea of orange. I was gobsmacked when I realized that I was looking at the sun rise from 30 000 ft above the planet. I had to get my camera and document it. I remember, extending my arms across the lady who stole my window seat, cheering me on to take more pictures. Bless her.

Today, I woke up from what felt like hours of sleep, but actually just an hour, to the same phenomena, only, darker. I am currently at awe, spending my time looking at it whilst I type this. 

Have you seen a child perked on a windowsill of a toy or candy store, nose pressed, breath fogging up the glass? Well, I’m that child and this is my candy store.

Sunrise 35,000 ft High

Sure, sunrises have always been beautiful wherever you are. It’s quite symbolic, something that reminds us of new hope. But watching the sunrise and the planet at the same time, watching how the sun’s rays are slowly hugging our Earth, well, it is blowing my mind.

I feel lucky that I get to experience this moment, this realization that we are just small speck of dusts in this universe we are floating in. I’m not dying nor am I high, but I can see the planet that billions of people are living in. How weird is that? And how awesome that it is possible? Someone’s just waking up, someone just got home. Someone just died and someone just gave birth. Somewhere out there, two humans found true love in each other. Somewhere out there, someone’s having a bad day.

Basically, I’m having an existential crisis. But the happy version of it. Like, hey, we are tiny, tiny creatures compared to this gigantic ball of flames and this ball of fire is giving me the most beautiful sunrise that everyone should be able to experience and appreciate. We are, again, speck of dusts and there are wonders, small or big, waiting to be seen, heard and felt. I hope I remember this the next time I make a big deal out of a spilled milk.

I’d love to create a time-lapse out of this but it’s gonna take so much memory and I don’t have that luxury. It’s also going to be slow as the plane is actually flying away from the sunrise. The sun will eventually catch us, but that’ll probably be 3 hours later.

I should be sleeping but it’s already 10 in the morning back home. Also, I’d lose sleep for this, anytime.

That is all.

Sunrise 35,000 ft High

I am looking down on Earth and somewhere, out there, he is waiting for me.

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