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Last year, I didn’t get to travel a lot as it was a year of change for me. Thanks to social media, the envy and wanderlust was up the tipping point. Everyone else was hiking new trails, swimming new oceans and jumping off new cliffs. It was finally nearing the year-end when I decided to travel alone before I turn 25. Hong Kong? Singapore (again)? Unlucky for me, my anxiety brewed up and it became a push and pull. I got help and went over my plans to my boyfriend and my boy friend.

Flying to Taiwan

It was November. On that same day, my boy friend and I booked a plane to Taiwan. The next day, we already found a hotel. I know.

It happened so fast we were high from adrenaline. My gloom lessened as I already have something to look forward to. Ironic as it is, we only patched up our imperfect itinerary a day before we flew. I guess, the excitement was only there to cure our longing to wander but we were lazy, haha.

Bags packed, cameras charged, the fear of going over the baggage limit was distinct, we flew.

What you need to know

Plane fares to Taiwan are cheap compared to other destinations. As much as we’d like to join the hype train to Japan, Cambodia and Thailand, it’s going to cost us a liver and two kidneys. Taiwan’s a good deal.

Philippine passport needs Visa for entry to Taiwan. Yet, if you have a valid Japan, US, UK Visa (to name a few), you only need a certification printed. You can get this certification from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office website.

Unlike Philippines, Taiwan has 4 seasons. Check the date of your travel and how the weather is generally during those dates. This is helpful when planning what clothes to bring. It’s not nice to wander around shivering (or melting).

We can talk about itineraries and transport in later posts. For now, let’s fly to Taiwan.

Flying to Taiwan

Mactan International Airport didn’t have Jollibee yet (as of writing, it is open officially) so we were stuck with overpriced meals. This chicken noodle soup was good, though.

Flying to Taiwan

There was a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf right beside our boarding gate. That’s where we decided to wait until it was time. It’s swanky albeit seats are limited.

Flying to Taiwan

Flying to Taiwan

I’m not a coffee-drinker nor do I like chocolate so I was left with this Mango smoothie. I couldn’t believe I just discovered it back then because it. is. heavenly. No wonder CBTL is proud of their vanilla.

Flying to Taiwan

Flying to Taiwan

Meet you in Taiwan!

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