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Today, I turn a quarter of a hundred years old. I mean, I could say 25 but I want to be more dramatic than a 2-digit number.


I welcomed the striking of the midnight clock with a singing boyfriend, a chocolate (I know! tsk) cupcake and a pink candle that I can only blow virtually. To be fair, it’s he who has to eat the cupcake, so it being chocolate doesn’t matter. And I said to him, how unfair is it that I have to spend the first 7 hours of my birthday, sleeping? I love sleeping but maybe, not today. Because today, conquering the world sounds plausible.

I woke up to messages from the closest to my heart. I woke up to the same face I saw last before I slept because we’re clingy like that. I woke up laughing and that’s quite rare as I’m used to snoozing a lot and being grumpy in the morning. Aging.

The shower heard hits from the 90’s. I thought, hey, I may be older but (1) I had Britney Spears in her prime, (2) the Destiny’s Child were still the Destiny’s Child and (3) Spice Girls still produced albums. I remember owning my first ever album back in 1998, it was Spice Up Your Life and memorizing all the words to it was easy. I can barely memorize our own house’s number now. Aging.

I wore a top that could make me feel pretty. Something I’m not supposed to wear because I haven’t blogged about but exemptions must be made. Public commute started okay, it went downhill when the driver decided that every accelerate, brake and gear change should always be accompanied with a harsh example of the Law of Inertia. I decided to keep calm and mouth the words to Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. I nodded my head along with my childhood tunes and in time with the van’s dance to the rocky road across LTO. Tell me why, ain’t nothing but a mistake to have that kind of road in front of a government establishment for  land transportation. Do they want it that way? Nick Carter says no.

The day continued as usual, as if it isn’t special. I mean, I was born today. I, the gift to humankind! Why isn’t everyone partying?!


I wanted to celebrate big. To feel how I felt when I was still 7. The excitement of having friends over or the thought of those candies dropping from a broken piñata. But I guess that’s not really possible anymore. The priorities have changed. Work schedules must be considered. And the things that can make me jump will probably cost me a lot of time and moolah. I guess, when you get older, you learn to love the little things and celebrate it everyday instead of pooling everything into one day. I didn’t do anything fancy today, but I’m more than okay with that.

A few weeks ago, I broke down because existentialism. But today, I’m at peace. After all, it’s really just a 2-digit number.

Life happens everyday.

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