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Wing it at Burrow

BURROW – Nope, not the magic-made, multi-story, cluttered dwelling built by Arthur and Molly Weasley, but a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Lahug.  Burrow or Burrow Lounge is a 3-minute walk from J.Y. Square, slightly hidden across Fujinoya and Pino.


How delectable do these wings look? For just Php199, you can have all the wings you can eat! I’m not even sponsored, but I sound like one! Just read this with those excited, commercial voices!

Looking at their menu, I’m assuming that their main offering is their chicken wings which they offer a la carte or unlimited! The listed 4 flavors are Chili, Mild Teriyaki, Asian BBQ and Classic. They did offer us a 5th flavor that day and that’s Parmesan.

The service was very straightforward, you get seated at one of their limited tables depending on the number of people you are in a group or if you’re alone. Large groups are usually seated outside the establishment. The tables are arranged pretty close with each other but I guess that’s what makes them a hole-in-the-wall. If they get big (if they aren’t already), let’s just wish they’ll get a bigger place. Right now, they can probably serve only 30-40 people all at once.

There are 3-4 floor servers who are very attentive and quick with your orders. Within 3 minutes since we ordered, we were already given two baskets of wings and rice. Our succeeding orders were also taken and served quickly. The waiting time in average would be 5 minutes. I think the longer ones are when the chef would cook up wings. I didn’t have a cold wing served to me, so you can expect to eat freshly cooked wings every time!

You can also specify which flavors you’ll have more of and less of, but also all flavors if you’re up to tasting all of them. As for me, I liked the Asian BBQ, Mild Teriyaki and Chili. I’d definitely want them to up the heat of the Chili flavored one. Maybe, next time, they’ll be able to let customers select the level of heat. I could feel the sting but it wasn’t enough to make me sweat good sweat.

For Php 199, you can have unlimited wings with unlimited rice. Add Php 40 and you’ll have unlimited iced tea. There are other offerings which you can read on the menu I’ve pictured, below.





Price range isn’t bad, either!

I’ll definitely recommend them to my friends/family! Check Burrow out via:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/burrowlounge/
Address: Unit 4, Tsai Hotel And Residences, Wilson, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: +63 917 722 2400

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