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14 Songs You Listen To This 14th To Worsen A Heartbreak

There are two kinds of people today, (1) those who are happy and (2) those who are.. welp, moping.

The happy category includes but not limited to: people who are in love, people who think they are in love (bless them), and people who can eat 5 boxes of Valentine Special 50% off chocolates & not gain weight.

The moping category includes but not limited to: people who are in a relationship for the sake of, people who deny that the relationSHIP hasn’t sailed in a long time, people who haven’t let go, people who says they don’t care but they’re actually secretly crying while watching The Notebook for the 47th time, and people who gain weight after eating a single white chocolate EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE ON SALE AND CLEARLY WANTS ME TO EAT ALL OF THEM. Ehem. I mean, what.

Either way, Valentine’s is a superficial event which focus depends on the type of person you are on the day. Since I like to rub salt over thy wounds (and I like listening to sad song even when happy), here is a playlist I prepared for the moping, press play and read on.

Sara Bareilles – Gravity

Sara went into superfame because of Love Song but this song was what made me her minion. It’s been years but I still return to this song and get emotional as I did the first time I listened to it. You must also check out all the live versions of this song and be as amazed as I always am when Sara holds that note, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A ballad of when you’re too weak to let go of someone even though you know that is what’s (supposedly) best for you.

Heartbreaking lyric: The one thing that I still know is that you’re keeping me down.

Adele – Take It All

Of course, how can I leave out Adele? There’s an unwritten worldwide agreement that she’s the Queen of heartbreaks and songs which instantly give you one even though you’re not. She has lots of songs apt for this playlist but this song resonates the most with me and probably a lot of people. It’s one of her non-complicated songs, production-wise, and I think that kind of simplicity makes it more painful to listen to.

Heartbreaking lyric: I will change if I must. Slow it down and bring it home, I will adjust. Oh if only, if only you knew, everything I do is for you.

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

I can’t decide whether this is a just-broken-up song or an LDR one. Either way, the lyrics speak to me on a personal level if I take it literally, distance as my nemesis. Although, if it is taken as a break up song, then I think it’s worse because he’s practically begging the person to be beside him again. Sob. Sam Smith, much like Adele, has an album full of songs like this. Give it a listen if

Heartbreaking lyric: Yes, I do, I believe that one day I will be where I was right there, right next to you.

Jess Glynne – Why Me

Quite an upbeat song amongst slow ballads but make no mistake, it can still give you that gut-wrenching moment of self doubt after a failed relationship. The chorus gives us a melodic reality of what we want to scream ourselves when it’s just too painful to bear. I can almost imagine a crying-in-the-shower scene, not that I’ve done that, but whatever.

Heartbreaking lyric: I always tried to fit around your life with no consideration over mine.

Tori Kelly – All In My Head

Tori’s early days are my favorite days. I’m very happy with what she’s achieved now but I think she hasn’t beat her past creations just yet. This song is just so raw with passion and hurt that it’s impossible not to give this a second listen. With her powerful voice, the emotions are real and definitely not just in my head.

Heartbreaking lyric: But I just cant help but think that we, we could’ve had something. Have I really been blind to reality?

A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover

Old friend, we meet again. I used to get all emo with this song back in college, cringe! But hey, maybe you’ll find the same emotions as I did before. Haunting and slow, this just seems like a 4 minute torture of unrequited love and false hopes.

Heartbreaking lyric: I never want to see you unhappy, I thought you’d want the same for me.

Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me

Adele did a rendition of this but I want to give credit to the original since it’s just as beautiful, if not more. I really can’t say anything else, the words to this lovely melody speak for itself.

Heartbreaking lyric: You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t.

Birdy – Skinny Love

I know, I know, this is a rendition and no credits were given, blah blah. There’s such a big debate over this song around the internet that we forget how good this song is. The original is definitely something but Birdy’s version is very soulful and young. It really all comes down to one’s preference. I prefer Birdy’s because of how unique her voice is.

They say skinny love is about pre-mature love stories, when two people like each other but just don’t have the guts to be with each other. Though, all these years, I always thought skinny love was about how shaky a relationship is. It’s “skinny”, therefore it isn’t nourished properly and can be sick easily. I say, interpretation’s up to the listener.

Hearbreaking lyric: And now all your love is wasted, then who the hell was I?

Ed Sheeran – U.N.I.

I haven’t read anything about this song but I do know UNI in the UK is a common word for university. I wonder if Ed and the person he sings this to called it quits at uni. Anyhow, this song’s a usual case of priorities, to let go is usually the painful choice. That point in life when you both have to decide whether to move on together or separately.

Heartbreaking lyric: But I know God made another one of me to love you better than I ever will.

Sara Bareilles – Breathe Again

A repeat artist because I’m biased. Sara makes great sad songs. A song of saying goodbyes and breathing anew. We know we can move on, it’s how and when we start that’s difficult.

Heartbreaking lyric: And my burden to bear is a love I can’t carry anymore

Jess Glynne – Saddest Vanilla

The saddest ice cream song you’ll ever hear. This ballad gives us a run down of how we’ll end up hating the things we love because of a broken heart and bad memories. We’ve all been there, we all probably had our fair share of sad ice creams. ;( Jess’ and Emeli’s voices are so emotional it makes me want to eat vanilla ice cream and cry.

Heartbreaking lyric: I used to love the taste of it until you went and poisoned it. Now, this is the saddest vanilla I’ve ever tasted.

Sam Smith – Not In That Way

Epitome of imaginary unrequited love. I wonder how many people have been heartbroken for not trying and how many of those could’ve actually happened if they did try. Painful, nevertheless.

Heartbreaking lyric: I love you but not in that way.

Sara Bareilles – Manhattan

I’m sorry, I just had to put a third Sara song. This is my most favorite sad song of hers. It’s diary-like kind of ballad. I love how I can actually understand the lyrics. No euphemism, no figuratives. Just plain ol’ story of leaving and letting go. Manhattan may not mean anything to you, but replace that with memories and places that you used to go to with the person you used to love.. sad, no? More often than not, we stay in a relationship because of happy memories, the used-to-be, the saddest part is realizing that even those memories are not enough to keep you together anymore.

Heartbreaking lyric: I’ll wish this away dismissing the days when I was one half of two. You can have Manhattan, ‘cause I can’t have you. (RIP MY HEART OUT SARA!!)

Adele – All I Ask

If you’re still not sobbing at this point, listen to this last masterpiece by no other than Adele. The whole song is just perfect for imperfect love stories. Unfortunately, this isn’t still on Spotify and Adele hasn’t released this yet as a single (I hope she will), so I’m embedding a video of her singing this song live. Let me explain by forcing you to listen:

Heartbreaking lyric: all of the daemn song. !_! What if I never love again?

Sob. Here, I’ll give you chocolates. Let’s watch The Notebook together, after?

PS. Please don’t take this too seriously… be strong, if you must. 😐

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    Irish Mae Barredo
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    Absolutely love your selection, quite a few I have to search for. Thank you for giving me a new playlist.

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      June 24, 2017 at 10:41 pm

      You’re welcome, Irish! Glad you do!

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