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To Buy or Not To Buy, That is the Question

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when sales are on their lowest percent offs and the stores itching to give out all of last season’s picks. How do you deal with it without getting broke? Let’s talk smart shopping and consumerism!


Needs and Wants

I overthink a lot and that does not limit to life’s problems, it plays a big part in shopping, as well. It’s good to plan and think through what you really need and/or want. If you’re low on belts, or pants, or tops for work, then invest in one since you know you’ll actually use it. List these things and stick to it as much as possible.



Learn to Let Go

Not only for the heartbroken and unrequited love, when the thing you want / love the most is too out of reach (read: expensive and not worth it), let it go. The first step to saving is to not spend at all, anyways. Over the holidays, I have a jumper at Topshop on my wishlist, it has a beautiful orange + gray color combination with a v cool symmetrical design. However, it was indeed expensive. I found it on sale last week and I was so happy. I finally fitted the piece and I was as disappointed as Luke finding out who his father is. It was just ugly on me. So, I finally let it go.

But if you do find something that is very compatible on you with half the price tag on, embrace it (if the budget permits, of course). Just like this piece I’ve been eyeing at Zara with this beautiful color palette, I didn’t feel like it was worth its original price (although the quality is superb). Thankfully though, I was patient enough and the odds of it still being available were in my favor. I saved up 30% than what I would’ve spent. This simple black knit with bell bottom sleeves, also from Zara, is also something I’ve been trying to find around town. I want to pair this with black pants and some oxfords. 50% off, kaching!



Stick to Basics

When shopping during sale, we often go to the most adventurous picks just because it’s 90% off. But you have to consider if you’ll actually use it. That is not only a waste of closet space, it also actually harms the environment. Stick to the basics, things that you’d see yourself wearing even after the trend dies.

I had some good 30% off buys from Bershka; a basic olive knit and a Mickey shirt. They may not be the trendiest but they’ll definitely live in my closet for a long time.



Cost per Wear Theory

Be it regular pricing or on sale, this theory should always be considered. That heels you want, are you sure that’ll last you long enough to be able to wear it multiple times to justify the price? Quality must not be overlooked just because the item is 70% off.

Vouchers and Discount Codes are Your New BFFs

I got these heels from H&M, which were originally Php 1995, it was reduced to Php700 and since I have a Php500 OFF voucher, this was further reduced to Php 200. How cool is that?

Even online shopping, there are so many discount codes lying around the internet, try and Google search for some before checking out. If you want, you can shop via Zalora and your first purchase is on me! (Awesome segway.) Use code ZBAPQWJ1 at checkout and enjoy 15% discount!

A smart shopper must acknowledge that beautiful things don’t always come with a hefty tag. What are your smart shopping tips?

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