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Love, Weekend: Days Before

It’s been a hectic and sleepless weekend for me and my family and I have 4 days worth of craziness to share. I don’t usually post personal blogs or stories so this will be my first of many. I never intended for this blog to be too polished, anyway. 🙂

Day 1 – Saying Goodbye

Let’s start with Day 1. This isn’t related to the rest of my weekend but it marked the start of my food celebration because anywhere and anytime there is lechon is a definite occasion. My team and I are transferring offices and this is our way of saying goodbye.


Jokes and board games were had, strategies were brewing around the office and that one game (Dobble?) where I nearly lost my voice due to excessive shouting. It was bittersweet but I suppose we all needed that.. we needed to say goodbye to our cozy second home. Sob.


Day 2 – Bridal Shower & Private Dinner

Warning: Penile cake photo ahead, proceed with caution.

Something that I take after my paternal grandmother is that I easily worry when people are inconvenienced or dissatisfied especially during events I host or organize. I overcompensate for things that I think are lacking which is, more often than not, actually just enough. I shopped like crazy for prizes and gifts for the bridal shower. Later on, we didn’t get to use some of the “prizes” I bought and so I have now 15 cute notebooks lying around my bedroom. See, overthinking. Anyways. I woke up early that day and zoomed to a mall to buy

  • some metallic letter balloons (v cute and no photo because of who I am as a person) that spelled the official hashtag of the wedding,
  • notebooks with v cute patterns,
  • gift boxes consisting of body lotions, shower gel, body butter and the like,
  • crepe paper for decor (didn’t use as well, the place was already designed by the bride’s best friend, I’m just ridiculous)
  • a cake formed as a male organ c/o Sugardaddy Sweets (thanks Ms. Mandy!).

Fast forward to afternoon, the best friends of the bride prepared so much that I didn’t need to stress anymore. The Chi Spa at Shangri-La allowed us to have a few quick games before proceeding with the massage and scrub which was beyond awesome. We also ate the naughty cake while laughing non-stop because HOW CAN YOU NOT:



Here are some trivia questions that might be helpful for you if you’re organizing a bridal shower and doesn’t know what to do. You can have the quickest game and just give out prizes for each question.

How Well Do You Know the Bride Quiz 

  1. Middle Name:
  2. Bride’s Birthdate:
  3. Zodiac Sign:
  4. Shoe Size:
  5. Favorite Food:
  6. Favorite Drink:
  7. Favorite Perfume:
  8. Favorite Song:
  9. Couple’s First Date:
  10. Couple’s Song:
  11. Honeymoon:
  12. # of Bridesmaids:
  13. Wedding Theme/Color:
  14. Wedding Venue:
  15. Date of Engagement:

This was taken right after the massage. I don’t look very well (no sleep does that to you?) but I felt amazing, the masseuse was careful but pushy. Haha In the most literal sense. It was the first time that a massage didn’t make me ticklish. I don’t know how she did it but I usually would just bite my tongue to prevent myself from giggling.


After the bridal shower, we had a couple of hours to kill before the private dinner hosted by the couple to welcome their guests from other countries. It was personal and the food, oh my goodness, the food was very impressive. Shangri-La’s creme brulee and mango pana cotta is the best thing ever, so if you’re going anytime soon, do try!


The menu had a variety of cuisine, sushi and maki, chicken and pork satay, Cebu’s pride – lechon, pasta of kinds which will be cooked in front of you, sliced fruits and mouthwatering dessert.


All in all, it was an excellent day to have just before the wedding. We made the bride feel special while we, ourselves, get to spend time with her on her last day as a single woman. The weather cooperated. The food was delicious. The massage was relaxing. Shangri-La was beautiful, as usual. Everything was set in place and stress was toned down to a minimum. We were full of anticipation and excitement for what’s to come the day after.

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