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ZeroThreeTwo: A Look Back

Proud to have worked with ZeroThreeTwo a few weeks ago to represent their February 2015 collection as a look back of the great releases they’ve had the past years with their clothing line. These designs speak volumes and represent Cebu with an oomph. The quality as well is really good. These shirts are worth the buck, not that they’re expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for, maybe even more. Unfortunately, most of them are sold out over the assembly store but you have more stores to get these shirts from: here. Check out more of ZeroThreeTwo and be proud of Cebu some more. (Links all written down for you below!)

Without further ado, here are just some of my favorite shots taken by Scott Pacaldo.

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6359-55-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6311-34-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6360-56-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6372-62-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6511-93-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6505-92-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6534-99-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6436-74-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6292-25-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6469-84-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6316-36-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6294-26-final- watermarked

ZeroThreeTwoxScottPacaldo_2015FebRelease_looks_-Hi-Res_IMG_6569-113-final- watermarked

The whole team: Scott (photo), Joshua (model), Chennie (model), yours truly, Krisha (photo), Joemar (photo).

You can find ZeroThreeTwo here:


Twitter – Facebook – Instagram

You can find Scott here:


Facebook Instagram (1)Instagram (2)

You can find Krisha’s blog post about this and her favourite shots as well here.

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