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Plaid Suit

Plaid Suit from plaid playsuit. Geddit? (✌゚∀゚)☞ Or THE GREAT PLAID (because duhhh the great plague). Or PLAID JADE (because you know Plain Jane). Hmmkay, or not. If loving puns is a crime then I’m guilty and cheesy. But who doesn’t? My outfit posts will just be a bunch of horrible puns or clever wordplay, I have to declare while it’s early. Haha

But I digress. This fun little plaid playsuit I got from Missguided is my favorite new thing. I mean, it shows my non-existent abs, how cool can this get?!


Aside from being entirely difficult to wear all day (like stripping all the way down to pee or when you raise your arms, so will the shorts, because if you haven’t noticed already, they’re very much connected), they’re actually very fun to wear, like a onesie that is socially acceptable to wear outside and call it fashion! You don’t have to worry anymore of pairing up your top and bottoms.


Missguided tartan/plaid playsuit, Forever21 slip-ons


Would you dare wear a playsuit? Let me know in the comments what you think about them!

I hope you enjoyed that one and see you next time. ♥

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