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Viridian Shift

I have some Christmas leftovers to wear today. Ha!

I’ve just recently been obsessed over swing and shift dresses and this one’s a nifty shift-y. Great thing about this type of dress is that you don’t even have to worry about curves! All body types can easily wear this one and look good, but of course with the right kind of accessories. Shift dresses usually look good with a collared top underneath. Forget matching and try complementary colors! Although if you want to play it safe, layering it with something black or white will do.

Since shift dresses lack form, it’s nice to put some to it through wearing heels or heeled boots. Flat boots or flats in general with this type of dress won’t always work and might make you look stubby.


If you do wear plain shift dresses, pair it with a simple necklace, the one with just a pendant. Don’t stuff all your necklace into one if you’re going for a classy look but if you’re going for a Boho chic then you can always mix and match. Personally, I find gold necklaces look good with most of the dark colors.


Forever 21 shift dress, Forever 21 black strappy heels, Missguided collared top.


What will you add to my outfit? Do you think more accessories will work? Let me know in the comments below!

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