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I have risen from my ashes. Happy New Year you guys! Happy Valentine’s Day too, or Single’s Awareness Day.. and what else? I wish you’re having a good 2015 so far and if not, keep your chin up, you have more months to look forward to! If you haven’t seen my little update on my Facebook page, I have been on hiatus since last year. Real life can get real complicated sometimes. So hang tight to those who are having a difficult time right now, you’re not alone. ♥

Speaking of having a difficult time, I’m having a difficult time to let go of the Fall/Winter color palette. I am still obsessed with anything near burgundy and I’ll wait until it gets too warm to wear dark colors to quit. I’m fairly sure it’s still freezing somewhere right now, yes New York?


I sometimes get conscious with curves and such while wearing bodycon dresses because society told me I’m not curvy enough, also, it can get way too short. Tying long sleeves around your waist can help that if you feel uncomfortable too.


And how cool is this snapback? It’s from Zero Three Two, one of the best magazine blogs in Cebu. They have a white version of this which I was very tempted to buy as well but I’m going through that dark colors phase.. so black it is. Snapback are usually quite douchey (with those stickers on, uhm) but this one takes the cake as it has a minimalist design with our flag. Keeping it classy with democracy, eh.


Forever 21 burgundy bodycon dress, Forever 21 deep red checkered long sleeves, SM Parisian black ankle velvet boots, ZeroThreeTwo PH Flag 6 Panel snapback


I hope that was good enough for a warm up. I’m slowly getting back into my blogging again so I wish you enjoyed that one. How do you style body hugging dresses without getting choked up or uncomfortable?

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