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Finally, finally had the chance to do the specific reason as to why this blog exists. I’ve always wanted to start fashion blogging since ages ago. I made a Tumblr post about it saying I’d start January of 2012 and quickly realized I’m not financially capable of it, hence making it impossible. That’s just the reality of wanting to consistently have good content, you need to invest not only time but also money. I had neither. Fortunately, I occasionally have both now. Enough the drama, I’m excited to present you my first ever OOTD post.

I’ve always been jealous of countries who properly experience fall. Living in the Philippines, you only get the falling leaves and the slight change in weather. It still gets really hot this time of the year here but the sun sets earlier. How I wish I can experience it with crisp cold and however Pumpkin Spice Lattes taste like.

Fall comes with dark colors and I’ve currently obsessed with anything in the burgundy / dark plum / maroon shade spectrum. As you can tell in my bad pun title, I really wish you know Ron Burgundy, I find it funny because I like burgundy and I’m Ron, Ha Ha Ha, geddit?


This look is pretty basic, I love clean combinations and I’m still working on experimenting with my colors. If you like it simple like I do, gather up your neutral colors and pair them with a pop of the unique color that you want.



I am also currently so so in love with dark lips. If I have to suggest, you can try on Revlon Black Cherry, NYX Soft Matte Copenhagen, NYX Matte Siren, Maybelline Divine Wine, M.A.C. lip liner in Burgundy, M.A.C. Endless Drama or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Black Metal Dahlia. Also, the one I’m using in these photos is NYX Black Cherry.



My mom and I got this bag in a Carlo Rino shop in Changi Airport Terminal 2. They offer really good discounts and although I haven’t heard from them at all, their designs are quite lovely and elegant.


Forever 21 top, Primark skater skirt, People are People heels, Carlo Rino SG bag, NYX Black Cherry lip

Despite the grumpy-trying-to-be-dark expressions, how’d I do with my first attempt to fashion blogging? 🙂 Leave a comment!

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