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A Day Up In The Air and Under Water

Hello buddies! Quite a while since I last posted something, I was just having a major life crisis. But I’m back and hopefully you’re still there doing good both in your real and virtual lives. Anyways, last summer (April, I know, I know, this is months late!) Paul visited Cebu and we had a whole month to go ‘round town which I will be blogging about for the next few days. The first of which is an adventure day filled with seawater, unexpected fear of heights and jet skis!


It was Easter Sunday when we went and there were lots of people but we managed to enjoy our day still which is pretty easy around Mactan, a historic resort city. There are numerous white sand beaches and excellent Filipino restaurants in this island so if you want a last-minute getaway to the beach, you’ll have it easy  in Mactan.

Mactan or Lapu-lapu City is where both Paul and I met and went to the same school back in the 90’s. It’s a little island attached by two bridges to the mainland Queen City of the South, Cebu! Well, Mactan is still part of the Cebu province and it certainly contributes to how great tourism is here since, as I’ve said, it has accessible beaches which accommodate all types of people with all types of preferences and all types of budget!

The day we went, it was rather bright but not sunny so the series of photos you’ll see is sepia-ed of some sort. I hope you don’t mind!IMG_4385

The resort we went to is called Vista Mar Beach Resort & Country Club. It has a coastline and three pools so you have your choice as to where you want to swim. Sometimes, the beach area doesn’t get to that sea level from the photo above especially when it’s low tide so having pools ! It is not the best in the island but it’s definitely not the worst. I would say, if it’s a last minute decision then this is one of the resorts you can go to. They have a consumable entrance fee and rooms you can rent, they have their website here.

One of the main reasons why I chose Vista Mar is because I knew they had water sports services and Paul was just itching to go jet ski and parasail and every water sport you can offer him. It is rather pricey in here but comparing to other resorts, this is one on the cheaper range. There are lots to choose from but my family didn’t want to go ride the banana boat with us so we decided to just go for a jet ski and parasailing.



Like what I’ve posted back in Alton Towers, I have a fear for things that are controlled by non-experts so the whole jet ski ride, I was freaking out and telling Paul to slow down and speed up again and then slow down again. He is an adrenaline junkie and when you ride those waves, you’ll literally jump with the jet ski and that is scary but fun. You also have to be mindful of other people in their own jet skis (there weren’t many at that time we did it, thankfully) or people on a boat who are island hopping. Not to worry though, the playground, or should I say, the playsea is vast and colliding isn’t really going to happen unless you lose out of control. You are both required to wear life jackets in case your ski shuts down or you flip or whatever it is that happens. It’s also definitely a must for both of us because despite being island kids, we’re both incapable of swimming. I can do the simple floating technique as if the sea is your bed and whatnot but that’s just not gonna save me against sharks.


Parasailing starts in a speed boat far far far away from the coastline. A guide will drive you (through a jet ski) to the speedboat in the middle of the ocean, you transfer and you get hooked to this massive parachute. Both of us were excited because we’ve never experienced this before.


Attentively listening to instructions and warnings. Look at our concentration faces, or maybe that’s just the sun blinding us.








The speed boat speeds up and off you go up in the air!

The excitement quickly died down once we were up dangling high above and  I started feeling motion sickness. It windy and getting blown away up there was frightening! I could barely film anything as I was scared of dropping the GoPro and I was busy holding my harness tight. I initially thought that you have a seat included in the harness but your bum’s actually dangling as well. The only parts of you supported is your thighs which will eventually make you “sit”.

My motion sickness never went away but the view was beyond awesome! If you’d like to see it, watch the video I’ll be embedding down below.

We spent 15 minutes in the air, thankfully we didn’t push through with our original plan which was to get the 30 minute ride deal because 15 minutes was definitely too much for me. You’d think 15 minutes is short but you’re literally sitting high above with nothing else to do but sightseeing and contemplate about life perhaps but 15 minutes is definitely more than enough.


Once our time was up, the boat pulling us slowed down and this caused for the chute to go down as well which then caused for us to be dipped in the water and up again and dipped again and up again until we’re close enough to the boat where we can be safe again. All in all, it’s an experience worth a go but it’s not something I’d be doing again unless we’re in another island for another view to see.



Back to the boat!

If you want to see more of our day, watch how chuffed Paul is in our quick video here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouEd1-mY8FA]

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